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Private College Job and Internship Fair

Private College Job and Internship Fair

READ!!! Excused Absences & LAST MINUTE DETAILS #HireTommies


This is the final message you will receive prior to the 2017 MN Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair this week! It is full of helpful tips and vital information, so PLEASE READ IT ALL! Each week since early January emails have been sent out regarding the Job and Internship Fair.  If you need to read any of the previous emails they can be found at:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the fair!



Please review the excused absences policy thoroughly. Look ahead at your class schedule for Tuesday, February 27th and determine if you will need to make arrangements to miss class(es).  An email list of all Job/Internship Fair participants was sent to the Academic Deans on Feburary 22nd, notifying them of your attendance at a UST sponsored event. (If you registered after 2/22 your name may NOT be on this list).  If you plan to miss class, you must inform the instructor as soon as possible.  It is only considered an “excused” absence if you do this!


On February 23, 26, and 27th, USG will be partnering with the Career Development Center and OSF Library to sponsor “Resumes and Representatives!”

During this event, students who are attending the MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair can come in to the library and print up to 20 resumes on resume paper for FREE!!


Bus: Free shuttle bus leaving from Flynn Hall.  The first shuttle will leave at 8:00 a.m. and the last shuttle will depart from Mpls Convention Center at 6:00pm. Shuttle will run every 15-20 minutes from 8am until 3pm, and will then run every half hour. Please be aware that traffic conditions may throw the schedule off a bit. Do not worry!

When you arrive:

When you enter the convention center, the coat check will be located in Ballroom A. Please check your coat and large bags before you proceed. It’s free!

Then, you will need to stop at the UST Table and pick up your name-tag before you will be allowed into the fair area.

  • If you arrive BEFORE  9am, after checking your coat, please come directly to the lower level and check in at the UST table. Then, proceed back up to the Mezzanine level to the student lounge, or to Ballroom A (same area as the coat check) to have a Free LinkedIn Headshot taken. The doors to the fair will not open until 9:00 am, and there is not space on the lower level for students to wait.
  • If you arrive AFTER 9am, after checking your coat, please come directly to the lower level and check in at the UST table. You may then proceed directly into the fair area if you wish.

Other Important Details: 

  • Students with need for extra time due special accommodations may enter at 8:30am. Please contact Amber Bieneck (
  • Special Events: There will be a roundtable discussion on Jobs/Internship Searches for International Students at 9:30am in Ballroom A.
  • Download the app: MNPC Job Fair offered by Guidebook for the most current list of employers, tool to save favorites, take notes, preview map layout and access special events.

What to Wear: Wear professional business attire.


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Resumes & Interviews & The Job Fair, Oh My!

You’re receiving this email because you are either registered for the 2018 MNPC Job and Internship fair next week, or you’ve attended an orientation session.

If you have NOT yet registered, the deadline is WEDNESDAY February 21st at 4pm!

There are several events and resources you can use this week to help you prepare for the fair! You won’t want to miss out – we promise!

Reps and Resumes

Interview Stream

Need more interview or elevator pitch practice prior to the big job fair or on campus interviews?  Try Interview Stream, a new 24/7 online video platform where you can tape your responses to interview questions. Choose from over 7,000 questions, select from a specific job category or record the general questions we have chosen for you.  Playback and videotape as often as you like.  Want feedback?  Send your recording to a career counselor for review at You can access Interview Stream from the Career Development Center website or click on this link.

It is fast, easy and it works!

Success Tactics

Presenting yourself successfully at a Fair involves knowing how to assertively introduce yourself and your qualifications. After attending this seminar you will have prepared an “elevator introduction” and know how to ask employers for more in-depth interview time.

The last Success Tactics Seminar held before the Fair will be on February 22 from 12-1:00 in the Career Development Resource Center – MHC 124! Register here!

Expanded Pop-Ins

This week we will be offering extended pop-in times for QUICK resume and cover letter reviews, as well as simple job fair questions. Each pop-in lasts 10-15 minutes, and they are always first-come-first-served! Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the end of the pop-in hour for your best chance to get in!

Monday, February 19: 9-11:00 and 3-4:00

Tuesday, February 20: 10-12:00 and 2-4:00

Wednesday, February 21: 10-11:00 AND 1-3:00

Thursday, February 22:  9-11:00 and 2-4:00

Friday, February 23: 9-12:00 and 2-3:00

Private College Job and Internship Fair

The Job and Internship Fair Approaches… ARE YOU READY?

As you look ahead to attending the Job & Internship Fair on Tuesday, February 27th, take advantage of the following services and tips offered by the Career Development Center, 123 MHC, 651-962-6761.

Resume Development

  • Read our guidebook and other materials.
  • If you’re starting from scratch, check out our Resume Development Webinar videos!
  • Attend a Resume Development Seminar (in MHC 124):
    • February 15th at 10:00
    • February 20th at 12:00
  • “Pop-in” for a quick resume critique: call for daily hours.
  • Post your resume for employers to access.
  • Print copies on resume bond paper – Check out the Reps and Resumes event in OSF Library!

Research Employers

  • Use the Job & Internship Fair website: and/or download the app: MNPC Job Fair.
  • Meet with a Reference Librarian to assist with your research.
  • Check out Candid Career and watch some short videos about careers of interest – from real people doing the job!
  • Create notes to bring to the fair or make notes in the app.

Prepare and practice your 30 second “Elevator Speech”

  • Attend the Job Fair Success Tactics seminar: Bring your “I’m going to the Fair” packet!
    • February 22nd at 12:00 in MHC 124
  • Read page 21 in your packet and start formulating your “hook” and introduction!

Interviewing Skills

  • Access guidebooks, media and reports.
  • Check out Interview Stream a new 24/7 online video platform where you can tape your responses to interview questions. It is fast, easy, and it works!
    • Choose from over 7,000 questions, select from a specific job category or record the general questions we have chosen for you.
    • Playback and videotape as often as you like.
    • Want feedback?  Send your recording to a career counselor for review at

We wish you the best as you get ready for the fair! Remember we’re available for pop-ins an appointments, and encourage you to book early!

Career Development Center | MHC 123 | 651-962-6761