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Internship Development: A Planning Worksheet for Employers

This is a time when employers are developing and refining Summer and Fall internships, so I wanted to share some timely tips!   This list represents questions employers should ask and answer as they assess existing internship programs, or as they develop first-ever internships within their organization. The below is taken from a presentation I gave at the Minnesota Association of Colleges and Employers meeting in May, 2017.

 For those that have an existing internship program:

  1. Are you happy with it?  How could it be enhanced?  
  2. Have you audited other employer’s best practices? 
  3. Have you asked exiting interns for suggestions and feedback? 
  4. What do you need to do, and who do you need to involve to make changes? 

For those developing internships:

  1. Do you have internship job descriptions developed?  Are they tailored to a college student audience?  E.g., no industry jargon or acronyms
  2. Are intern supervisors ‘trained up?’  Just like job descriptions and interview questions should be adapted for this age group, supervising college students is different in some ways than supervising a FT employee.  E.g. If this is the student’s first professional work-setting, you may need to teach the basics! 
  3. Is recruiting for interns centralized within your HR area, or does each department do their own?  What is your preference and how can you make that happen? 
  4. Have you identified key recruiting schools?  Or, are you open to all schools? 
  5. Do you need to visit with college career offices’ employer relations staff?  Build that into your schedule – how?  These people can be insightful advisors about their academic strengths and the most effective ways to get their students’ attention! 


  • If recruiting from multiple sources, and because schools vary widely, you may want to build a large spreadsheet to keep track of contacts and differences in procedures! 
  • A nice thing to do is invite college career/employer relations staff to a single event held at your site to help them get to know your opportunities and your qualifications. 
Employer Hot Topics

Supports for Small Business Employers

Sharing with you information from the April 6, 2020 issue of the Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce newsletter.
Jennifer Rogers, Associate Director – Employer Relations
Paycheck Protection Program – What Businesses & Nonprofits Need to Know
The $2 trillion federal stimulus bill – known as the CARES Act – included $349 billion for job retention and business operating expenses in the Paycheck Protection Program.
As part of our “Too Local To Fail” effort, we want to help Minnesota small businesses be ready to apply for these funds. Click here to see what small businesses need to know and click here to see what nonprofits need to know.
The Minneapolis Regional and Twin West Chambers have curated a list of our member lenders that may be able to assist with SBA loan applications. Follow this link to see the list.
For more information about the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program, follow this link to the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
$350 Billion For Small Businesses – Now What? Webinar
The Minneapolis Regional Chamber in partnership with Sunrise Banks hosted the webinar, $350 Billion For Small Businesses – Now What?, focused on the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program. Click here to view the video.
This presentation was as of April 2, 2020, 12 noon.  To keep apprised of the latest rules with the Paycheck Protection Program, go to www.sunrisebanks.com or www.sba.gov.
Employer Hot Topics

Employer Services for Recruiting – a New Normal

Greetings Employers,

If your office is anything like ours, you’re probably needing to quickly adjust to a new way of doing work. Remote offices, distance from colleagues, and if you’re like me, listening to a lot of Frozen 2 in the background.

We know that getting your footing during these uncertain times is challenging.  As you start establishing a sense of normalcy, know that we are here to support you in your hiring efforts, whatever they may be in the months to come.

From our own corners of the world, we are still here to help you connect with St. Thomas students who, while studying remotely, are still eager to plan for their future employment. Consider some of these options if you don’t know where to get started:

  1. Post your position on Tommie Careers (powered by Symplicity). Yes, perhaps a little obvious, but you would be surprised at how many employers I talk to who say “I’ve already posted the position to Handshake” and think that they’re covered. St. Thomas is not on Handshake, so if you want to recruit our excellent students you’ll need to be sure to post on our job board. Sign up or sign in here.

  2. Set up a virtual information table. As more students and more employers are leveraging Zoom, Yello, Skype and other webcam based tools, it will be more commonplace for this to be a safe form of “gathering.” Using our Employer Chat scheduling tool, students could sign up for time slots to chat with you using whatever remote service you’d like. If you want more of a “first-come, first-serve” model without time slots, we could assist you with that as well. Please reach out to me at nicholas.abraham@stthomas.edu if you are interested in this option.

  3. Forward digital communications to student groups or clubs. While our organizations are not meeting in person on campus, some club presidents are still emailing their group members with updates, and we’d be happy to forward information on your behalf. Let us know if you want to give this a try; we can help determine which audiences would be the best fit and facilitate.

Thank you for your continued interest in working with us, and let us know if you have other thoughts or ideas you’d like to try during these unusual times. We hope to hear from you soon!

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Nicholas Abraham, Employer Relations Recruitment Specialist