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Who is hiring & what jobs are in demand?

According to Bloomberg News & Economics, the U.S. economy is settling into a more moderate pace of improvement as hiring, spending and travel remain constrained by Covid-19. The big question for job seekers is – who is hiring right now?  In any recessionary economy, some industries will do better than others.   Therefore, Metro Areas that include a wide variety of employers tend to work through challenging times better than cities that rely on one major industry for their economic health In general, Twin Cities employers come through recessions well because we do have variety moving our economic engine forward. 

This article will share information about industries and jobs in demand from national, State of Minnesota, and St. Thomas Career Center job board sources.   NOTE:  The COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving, creating ever-changing conditions within industries and the job market.  Therefore, the below could be subject to change, and you could find conflicting information from other sources.

At this moment in the Coronavirus pandemic, the following industries are doing fairly well:  accounting & business services, retail, technology, financial services and banking.  Below is a longer list of industries that seem to be in good shape at the moment. 

  • Tech companies, esp. social media, communications platforms, online learning, virtual communities, cloud & web-based software  
  • Computer Hardware 
  • eCommerce  
  • Telecommunications  
  • Financial Services, esp. banks 
  • Shipping & Logistics (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc) 
  • Delivery Services 
  • BioScience/BioTechnology/Laboratories 
  • Healthcare (acute care, Personal Care Attendants, mental health services)  
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food production & Grocers 
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers 
  • Manufacturing – select (e.g. paper products, recreation vehicles) 
  • Retail – select (e.g. Online retailers, hardware/home improvement, building & landscaping supplies, home exercise equipment, biking equipment) 
  • Home Services/Trades – home improvement, building, landscaping services

Type of work available – 

  • Accounting 
  • Engineering 
  • Finance 
  • Healthcare – PCA, nursing, mental health 
  • IT/Software developers 
  • Marketing & Public Relations 
  • Sales 

St. Thomas Career Center Job & Internship Listings – In order by demand*: 

  • Engineering (all types, including software) 
  • Marketing 
  • Teaching 
  • Accounting 
  • IT – Systems/Database/Security 
  • Administrative Support 
  • Communications – Journalism/Media 
  • Health/Medical Services 
  • Management 

*Each category has between 25 – 56 positions connected to them as of October 14, 2020. 

Minnesota’s Economy: 

  • Small businesses have taken a hit.   
  • Employers in industries such as Health Care (select roles), Retail, Food Service, and  Transportation (drivers) are desperate for workers.

Top Jobs in Demand in Minnesota: 

  • CNA/Nursing Assistants, RN, PCA, Home Health Aide, LPN 
  • Supervisor of retail workers, and retail sales clerks
  • Truck driver 
  • Software developer, software engineer, systems analyst 
  • Food prep/food service worker & supervisors 
  • Social & Human Service Assistants 
  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Production worker/machine operator & Supervisors 
  • Delivery driver 
  • Farmworker 
  • Supervisor of administrative staff 
  • Janitor 

*Not a complete list, see link to Minnesota CareerForce site above. 

A strategic search is often the most effective.  Hopefully, there is something here that gives you some ideas.   Sometime in 2021, we should see more areas open up again!  All the best!

General Information, Hiring Trends & Updates

Job areas in demand (a local perspective)

Every couple of weeks I look at what types of jobs & internships are showing up in our postings.  Here are the latest “Top 10” most frequently posted job function categories as of May 15 (in order by # of positions posted).

When you view the list from the Career Center’s Job & Internship Listings page and you see a purple Tommie Paw next to a position, it means that a St. Thomas alum is affiliated!

Note:  These will include national and international employers.


  1. Education/Classroom Teaching
  2. Sales/Business Development
  3. Health/Medical Services tied with Administrative/Support Services
  4. Accounting tied with Social Work
  5. Marketing/Brand Management
  6. Engineering
  7. IT/Software Development
  8. Communications, Journalism/Media

It was interesting to compare this list with the view two weeks ago – notably, engineering and social work switched places.  It certainly makes sense that medical and social services fields would be hiring during a pandemic, as people’s lives have been turned upside down.  From my experience as a career counselor during the Great Recession, sales and marketing always remain in demand; employers rely on these functions to soldier through and keep their brand top of mind.

As the weeks go on, I expect we will continue to see shift in the order of these categories.  Stay the course!  Employ multiple search strategies, always keeping personal networking activity at the top of your list.  Let us know if you’d like to talk, www.stthomas.edu/careerdevelopment

Be well, be safe!

General Information, Hiring Trends & Updates

Ask a Career Educator: How’s the job market?


As of May 1, 2020, in a couple words, not great. But if you’ve been listening/reading the news, that’s not a surprise. I always try to look for positivity where I can, so here is some data I can share:

  • The total number of job and internship postings we have is down only around 25% compared with early spring semester. It could be a lot worse!
  • There are currently over 300 internships and over 325 FT jobs posted with us. If you include volunteer and PT jobs, I see more than 925 opportunities.
  • Eighty-eight employers responded to our April hiring survey and here is what we heard: 40% are continuing with their plans for FT hiring, 25% are still figuring things out, and only around 10% said they were suspending new college grad FT hiring altogether.  Just over 1/3 of the employers were still determining summer internship plans, 31% were definitely moving ahead with internship hires, and 22% reported cancelling summer internships.

While it’s clear that a number of employers are just trying navigate this pandemic economy, many of these numbers are better than I would expect!  So, take heart.  Many industries ARE in hiring mode.  Make an appointment with a career counselor to work on your search strategy.   www.stthomas.edu/careerdevelopment