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Ask a Career Educator: Is my Summer 2020 internship still on?

Question: How can I ask an employer if they are keeping my internship position? 

Answer: If you previously had a confirmed summer 2020 internship offer, but you have not yet heard any updates from your main contact at the organization, we recommend that you reach out to them.  Email them and include the following: 

  • That you hope that they and their organization are doing well in this challenging time 
  • Express appreciation for the previous offer to join them as a _[job title]_ intern 
  • You wanted to check in to see if the internship was still on track 
  • You are happy to adapt and make any adjustments as necessary, such as working remotely or altering the start & ending dates 
  • Cite what parts of the experience you most looked forward to 
  • Remind them of the skills you are bringing and hope to develop 
  • End by wishing them well and provide best contact information for you, maybe share times of day and days of week, given your class schedule, when you would be available for a phone call, noting your phone number. 

Most organizations have been working through how to adapt their internships, some have been making the painful decision to cancel them.  Whatever your situation, you need to know so you know how to plan. 

We send positive thoughts that all is well and your internship is still on!

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