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Meet the New Career Educators!

The Career Development Center is excited to announce that we have some new staff! Three new Career Educators have joined our team over the past two months. We’re grateful to have them with us, and want to tell you a little bit about them!

Violeta Lara – STEM Fields


Violeta is returning to St. Thomas as the Career Educator for STEM fields. She will work with students, faculty and student clubs in the College of Engineering and Sciences majors in the College of Arts and Sciences.

She got her Bachelor’s Degree at St. Kate’s and holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas. It is her mission to equip individuals with 

the skills and abilities to prepare them professionally for the workforce to impact society positively. She practices career education through a diversity-focused lens to break down barriers to strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion.  She is always incredibly fulfilled by providing mentorship and guidance to the students she serves. 

Outside of work, she enjoys supporting local businesses, partaking in parks and rec services/activities, and supporting school-focused events. She also enjoys leisure hikes, tent camping, cooking new foods, and hosting game night and potluck-style meal gatherings, (including sushi and empanada night with friends and colleagues). 

Jill Thompson – Liberal Arts


Jill is the Career Educator for Liberal Arts fields (including Social Sciences). She will work with liberal arts affiliated students, faculty and student clubs in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Jill has a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and a Master’s Degree in Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology from University of Minnesota. She has had career experiences in nonprofit, for profit, government, higher education, and even self-employment – she is interested in a lot of things!  Her own liberal arts education, along with 10+ years of interdisciplinary research experience, gave her the critical thinking, self-reflection, and networking skills to navigate career moves successfully and find work she absolutely loves to do: helping others navigate their own career pathsIn whatever stage of career development you find yourself, she look forward to helping you reflect upon your strengths and goals in order to take the next steps that are right for you. 

One of her greatest professional interests is exploring the impact that physical and mental health have on career development, and vice versa. Outside of work, her interests include playing viola with the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, running, meeting as many dogs as she possibly can, and finding the best matcha latte in the Twin Cities. 

Luciano Guzman – Opus College of Business


Luciano is the Career Educator for the Opus College of Business. He will work with OCB students, faculty and student clubs.

He has a degree in Geography from Macalester College, and during his time there he also took business classes at St. Thomas through the ACTC partnership. 

Since graduation he has worked in a few different industries including Insurance, Energy/Sustainability, College Access, and Career Development. He is passionate about Career Development because he wants to help students make sense of a sometimes mysterious and intimidating time of their lives.  

Over quarantine he has collected a bunch of houseplants, revived an interest in video games, and completed a cross-country road trip to stay with family in California. With all the time away from people he has focused on being outdoors much more and had a blast hiking mountain trails, exploring the California Redwoods, and running with his dog along the beaches. Here in the Twin Cities, he loves to play tour guide for visitors from who are looking for good food or things to do. He has a few culinary suggestions for students: the Veggie Sampler from Fasika, the Singapore Rice Noodle from Peking Garden, and a latte from his favorite coffeeshop called Hodges Bend! 


Career Scoop Update

Transitioning to Handshake, Staffing Agencies, Fraser Virtual Career Fair and More!


On June 15th we will be transitioning from TommieCareers to Handshake for our services. As we begin the transition, please save/transfer any documents (resumes, cover letters, transcripts, etc.) they need from your TommieCareers accounts! On June 15th, those documents will no longer be accessible.

Between May 10 and June 15, you should use both TommieCareers and Handshake for your Job or Internship search – not all the positions listed on TommieCareers will be on Handshake, and vice versa.

Meet with Employers!

  • Fraser: Thursday, May 13 from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. Fraser is Hiring! Join Fraser’s Virtual Career Fair on Thursday, May 13th and learn more about the opportunity of becoming a part of something bigger than yourself. We are seeking staff members in Autism, Mental Health, Pediatric Therapy, Direct Care, Psychology, Teachers, and Administration. Fraser offers a full benefits package to full-time employees and tons of growth opportunities! We opened a new Telehealth Hub in Golden Valley and will be adding several new satellite clinics 2021! If you would like to sign up to attend the virtual career fair/information session, please click here.

Paid On-Campus Opportunity: Welcome Day Leaders

Each Fall, approximately 1,500 – 1,700 new students join our Tommie community.  It is a gigantic transition for these students.  Welcome Day Leaders (WDLs) play a critical role in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for this experience by assisting students in building connections, engaging campus events and resources, and understanding and supporting university values.

WDLs gain significant experience in leading others, teamwork, communication, and planning.  These skills will serve any WDL in their future careers. The university’s commitment is to return to in-person Welcome Days for the 2021-2022 academic year. We are looking for a vibrant team of Welcome Days Leaders ready to set the stage for an exciting year at St. Thomas, and to get our new students started strong. Apply for this paid position here.

New Resume, Cover Letter, and Interviewing Resources!

We’ve recently updated our online resources for resume and cover letter writing, as well as interview preparation. There are new video tutorials for each topic, and they can be found on this page. Please review these resources before you decide to meet with a staff member – your questions may very well be answered in one of these short videos!

Looking for a Summer or Full-Time position? Check out Staffing Agencies!

If you’re looking for summer employment or full-time permanent career positions, check out staffing agencies as a way to expand your options!  If you’re not sure what staffing agencies do and how they work with job seeker, head on over to our Career Blog.

Need a Resume Review? Use JobScan and Head to Pop-Ins!

You’ll need your resume in tip-top shape for virtual fairs and your job and internship searches this spring, and JobScan can help you do that! JobScan provides guidance in personalizing your documents for different positions and fields, and is invaluable in making your resume shine! You can get a FREE premium account with unlimited scans, valid through July 31! Click here to fill out a short form and request an account.

Once you’ve fine tuned your resume, virtual Pop-Ins are one of the best places to have your application documents reviewed! Our weekly pop-in hours are listed here. Click here and find the link at the top of the page to log on.

Exciting Changes are Coming…

If you walk by our space in Murray-Herrick 123, you may notice we’re under construction! Due to the construction, all career services are virtual through the end of the semester. Please visit our website for all your career services needs!


General Information, Pro-Tip

#USTLinkedInChallenge Week 2 Recap

We hope you’re finding these prompts helpful and motivational! Below is a recap of the first week of #USTLinkedInChallenge prompts, in case you’re joining late and need to catch up! We can’t wait to see you next Monday for the next challenge!

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #5: Give 2 connections recommendations.

A solid recommendation makes anyone shine on LinkedIn, so pay it forward! An ideal recommendation will include how long you’ve known the person and the context of your working relationship, a standout trait or skill that person posesses, and a sincere recommendation to work with the person. You can recommend people you’ve worked with as peers, as supervisors, or as supervisees, and they don’t have to be looking for a job or internship to deserve a recommendation!   

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #6: Do a LinkedIn Learning course.

Did you know there are 16,000+ courses taught by professionals on LinkedIn?! No matter what field you’re in or what skills you want to expand, there’s likely a LinkedIn Learning course that will help you. St. Thomas students get unlimited access to courses, so check our LinkTree for directions on how to access those courses! P.S. You can also add certificates of completion to your profile to show your network what you’ve accomplished! 

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #7: Add new skills or projects.

Adding skills and projects to your profile makes it easier for recruiters to find you and assess if your skills match their needs. If you’re wondering what skills are most important in your industry, read through job postings for your field and look for commonly mentioned technical or transferrable skills! Add the ones you already have to your profile, and brainstorm ways to gain the skills you don’t yet possess 

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #8: Review your profile photo. 

Simply having a profile photo on LinkedIn will get your profile more views. To maximize its effectiveness, check to see that your photo is a recent, high-resolution photo of you in your work clothes. Keep your background simple, aim for your face to take up about 60% of the frame, and let your expression reflect your authentic personality!  

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #9: Connect with 2 Tommie Alumni.

You can easily search for Tommie alums who are working in careers that interest you! Search for the University of St. Thomas on LinkedIn, head to our Homepage, and click “Alumni” at the top of the page. Use keywords to search for job titles, fields, or companies that interest you. When you find someone you’d like to reach out to, always use the option to “Send a note” after you hit “connect” to introduce yourself to your new connection and express why you’re interested in being a part of their professional network.