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What are staffing/temp agencies?

In short, this an option to check out if you are looking for a summer job within a business setting, or you are graduating and seeking a career position. 

Staffing agencies, originally known as employment agencies, provide recruiting services to businesses that don’t have time or personnel to find needed staff.  Types of jobs include temporarycontract projects, and permanent full-time.  To the job seeker, these services provide connections to potential employment.   

In many cases, these agencies have access to job openings that you do not.  In fact, for some career fields (especially STEM – science, technology, engineering & mathematics), this is the best and only way to get your foot in the door with well-known, major corporations. 

Many staffing companies have specialty areas such as, accounting/finance, science, technology, engineering and creative. 

Temporary agencies (‘temp agencies’ for short) are great for college students looking to get summer work experience in a business setting.  Your computer skills are highly valued in these jobs.  Yes, even simply Word and PowerPoint! 

Other companies have full-time work for graduating seniors.  Some work is permanent, some is contract-based, meaning you would work for, say, a 6-month project, then if everyone was happy at the conclusion, you would receive a permanent job offer. 

These agencies review your resume, interview you, help you determine jobs you qualify for, then if they have appropriate projects, they forward you on to hiring managers and help set up interviews with the decision-makers.  In the case of temporary or contract work, your paycheck comes from the agency.  If you work enough hours, you may even qualify for standard employee benefits! 

We have compiled a sample list of some of the agencies in the Twin Cities and have included specialty areas.  Check out the Job & Internship Search section of our Resources Library and look for Staffing Agencies List in the Documents & Media section.  Visit agency websites and reach out to them! 

We invite you to look at all of our online resources for Internship & Job Searches, too!

HOT TIP:  Register with at least two of these companies to expand your odds of hearing about a job and focus on locations close to where you live or where you can travel easily. 

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