#USTLinkedInChallenge Week 2 Recap – Career Development
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#USTLinkedInChallenge Week 2 Recap

We hope you’re finding these prompts helpful and motivational! Below is a recap of the first week of #USTLinkedInChallenge prompts, in case you’re joining late and need to catch up! We can’t wait to see you next Monday for the next challenge!

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #5: Give 2 connections recommendations.

A solid recommendation makes anyone shine on LinkedIn, so pay it forward! An ideal recommendation will include how long you’ve known the person and the context of your working relationship, a standout trait or skill that person posesses, and a sincere recommendation to work with the person. You can recommend people you’ve worked with as peers, as supervisors, or as supervisees, and they don’t have to be looking for a job or internship to deserve a recommendation!   

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #6: Do a LinkedIn Learning course.

Did you know there are 16,000+ courses taught by professionals on LinkedIn?! No matter what field you’re in or what skills you want to expand, there’s likely a LinkedIn Learning course that will help you. St. Thomas students get unlimited access to courses, so check our LinkTree for directions on how to access those courses! P.S. You can also add certificates of completion to your profile to show your network what you’ve accomplished! 

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #7: Add new skills or projects.

Adding skills and projects to your profile makes it easier for recruiters to find you and assess if your skills match their needs. If you’re wondering what skills are most important in your industry, read through job postings for your field and look for commonly mentioned technical or transferrable skills! Add the ones you already have to your profile, and brainstorm ways to gain the skills you don’t yet possess 

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #8: Review your profile photo. 

Simply having a profile photo on LinkedIn will get your profile more views. To maximize its effectiveness, check to see that your photo is a recent, high-resolution photo of you in your work clothes. Keep your background simple, aim for your face to take up about 60% of the frame, and let your expression reflect your authentic personality!  

#USTLinkedInChallenge Day #9: Connect with 2 Tommie Alumni.

You can easily search for Tommie alums who are working in careers that interest you! Search for the University of St. Thomas on LinkedIn, head to our Homepage, and click “Alumni” at the top of the page. Use keywords to search for job titles, fields, or companies that interest you. When you find someone you’d like to reach out to, always use the option to “Send a note” after you hit “connect” to introduce yourself to your new connection and express why you’re interested in being a part of their professional network.  

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