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Career Scoop for the Week of April 29, 2019

As the spring semester winds down you may find yourself still in the hunt for a job or internship. It’s not too late to find great opportunities to build your resume! The section on our website Job Search Resources is dedicated to a variety of resources to assist in your search. Tommie Careers has over 1500 opportunities in a wide range of positions and career options.

Staffing agencies may also be an option to consider. They provide recruiting services to businesses that don’t have time to find temporary, permanent, or large numbers of employees for jobs and projects. To the job seeker, they are a connector to potential employment.

Many staffing companies have specialty areas, including accounting/finance, science & technology, creative, sales.

In many cases, these agencies have access to job openings that you do not. In fact, for some career fields (especially STEM – science, technology, engineering & mathematics), this is the best and only way to get your foot in the door with major corporations.

Temporary agencies (‘temp agencies’ for short) are great for college students looking to get summer work experience in a business setting. Other companies have full-time work for graduating seniors. Some work is permanent, some is contract-based, meaning you would work for, say, a 6-month project, then if everyone was happy at the conclusion, you would continue on as a permanent employee.

These agencies review your resume, interview you, help you determine jobs you qualify for, then they forward you on to hiring managers and help set up interviews.

For a great description of what these agencies can do for job seekers, check the American Staffing Agency website or meet with a Career Counselor to discuss options.


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