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Recruiting college students/graduates

A few tips for employers about attracting new talent…

Create a version of an Apprenticeship/Co-op program (or, you can call it a multi-term internship).  Begin eligibility as early as the Sophomore year, and have successful candidates return multiple summers/semesters.  The training time quickly turns in to increased productivity.  Students learn about your industry, their skill sets, and interests.  If they don’t like the work…better to have an intern quit than a full-time permanent employee!

Create an entry-level rotational program if possible.  These are very appealing because college grads are Learners.  Learning about multiple areas of your organization can fend off boredom (they are no longer taking 3-5 different classes at once), and not only educate on your business, but stimulate the learning-brain.  Can you place the graduate in the department of their preference at the conclusion of the rotation?  If you have flexibility, the try-out period can be valuable, as you can see where the new hires’ true strengths and interests lie!  If this isn’t possible, rotating through different departments helps develop understanding about how all the units fit together to contribute to the big picture!

When writing job descriptions for interns or full-time professional roles, tout the training and on-going professional development opportunities you provide.  This generation of workers is reassured when they know that they will be trained in on their role, and they really appreciate continuous learning.

These are all ways to stand out in the large employer-crowd!

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