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Recruiting & on-boarding new college grads

Whether you are hiring the tail end of the Millennial Generation (students that graduated by May 2018), or you are engaging Gen Z as interns (they entered college in fall 2015), the tips below may be useful.

The Spring 2018 meeting of the Minnesota Association of Colleges and Employers included one guest speaker who addressed the topic of on-boarding new college grads.  Below are highlights from Jeff Butler‘s talk.

A. Millennials are known to ‘delay adulthood’ – they get drivers’ licenses later, experience first jobs later, live at home longer, get married and purchase houses later in life than previous generations.    This demonstrates a reticence for long-term major commitments, so it should be no surprise to us when these young adults move around and change jobs frequently.

B. Young people live in a world where almost all information appears instantaneously, so it should be no surprise to us that they might be caught off guard when we tell them finding an internship/job may take a while.  Patience may not be their greatest virtue.

This generation has been accused of being unrealistic about many things.  To set expectations, maybe we need to be more clear and consistent in our messaging.

  • Be clear about describing your workplace culture and the type of individual that thrives there.
  • Instead of talking about how many years it takes to get promotions, describe the skills and knowledge required to move ahead to new roles.

If feedback is of interest to young adults, but negative feedback is scary, describe the first few months on the job as ‘probationary’ or a ‘trial period, ‘ and let them know they will be watched, reviewed and coached throughout.  Normalize feedback in this way.

Two unique practices:

  • IF you are recruiting for areas that are competitive and you are having challenges finding enough of or the right type of candidate – create a video of yourself (from your office computer webcam) talking to the candidate.  Then, imbed this within an Email message you are sending with information about the role and your hiring process.
  • IF you work in a high tech environment where incoming college grads may know more about the latest apps, technology, and social media than some staff, create reverse mentoring opportunities.  The new hires get inspired and see this as a growth opportunity.

There you are, the latest suggestions about recruiting and on-boarding new college grads!  All the best to you!

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