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Your resume tells a story about you

Advice from employers by Guest Blogger, Angela Ponrahjah, Employer Relations Intern in the Career Development Center

A national survey of employers made clear that they are looking for certain key attributes on a resume – these are qualities and skills that will help a job applicant stand out from the crowd. The table below outlines the top 6 attributes that may help you assess your resume and take steps to build necessary skills that are in demand!

Problem-solving skills may be linked with interpersonal skills, tactfulness, entrepreneurial skills, and strategic planning skills.  Team work is closely linked with communication skills, friendliness, and personality. While getting a good GPA is certainly important, employers say that these skills are equally significant in being successful in a workplace.

Internship experience carries a lot of weight and you should focus on finding jobs that are related to your field of study and industry which will benefit you more in the long-run.

In relation to career readiness competencies, the next big thing to consider is what employers expect from you once you’ve been hired. Employers are expecting new hires to be able to solve problems in unique ways whilst being able to work collaboratively in a team environment. They prefer those who are technology savvy and it will also be beneficial to have global / multi-cultural fluency that can help create a diverse workplace.

Click on the below links to see the complete list of skills desired by employers:

Source: National Association of Colleges & Employers Job Outlook 2018 Survey, 201 employer respondents

Problem-solving skills 82.9%
Ability to work in a team 82.9%
Communication skills (written) 80.3%
Leadership 72.6%
Strong work ethic 68.4%
Analytical/quantitative skills 67.5%




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