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Interesting news about the labor market in Minnesota

“Minnesota is outpacing the nation in job growth, with all 11 major industrial sectors seeing gains over the past year” said Shawntera Hardy, the Commissioner of the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

You may be interested in knowing the facts about the unemployment rates and the labor market trends which may boost your confidence in pursuing your education and stepping into your very first job or continuing your career goals as a seasoned professional. As per the data provided by the DEED of Minnesota, the unemployment rates in Minnesota have dropped from 3.9% in June 2016 to 3.7% in June 2017!

The table above depicts industry trends of the number of newly added jobs in each sector in Minnesota. The summary is as follows.

As you can see, from year 2016 to year 2017, the education and health services sector has added approximately 19,000 new jobs, followed by the trade and transportation sector which has seen steady growth in new jobs created with minor fluctuations. The Government sector added between 2500-4000 jobs and the other sectors such as the professional and business, manufacturing, leisure, financial, and information technology are steadily on the growth phase with increasing jobs added to these sectors every month since last year.

So! It is great to note that the growth trends in the labor market are positive! It is important as students to not only excel in your education field but to also keep track of industry changes and trends that will help you better decide your job prospects and career paths in the future. Be passionate about your major and always keep your options open to new fields that you can explore.

Source: Department of Employment and Economic Development (2017)

Article written by Angela Ponrajah, Graduate Intern at the Career Development Center



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