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How to Begin Networking #USTCareerScoop

Networking is a key activity for any successful internship or job search

As you think ahead to fall, or even summer 2018, it is not too early to begin discussing options with your networking contacts. What network you say?  If that is your reaction, then now is the time to identify and connect with your people! Brainstorm everyone you know…yes, EVERYONE. Although your contacts may not be in your intended career field, they likely know people you could talk to or connect with in your search process.

Start with your core contacts (those you are closest to and who feel safe) and venture out to others as you develop networking skills. After you have brainstormed your network, the next step is to reach out to them. Networking involves informing the person why you are contacting them and asking for some type of assistance. The conversation may look like this:

“Hi, I don’t know if you remember, but I am currently a student at St. Thomas about to enter my junior year studying Chemistry. In the coming year I want to have an internship to develop my skills in the field and build my resume prior to graduation. I am especially interested in working in a lab as I have enjoyed lab work during my semesters. I know you aren’t in the field, but thought you might know of someone who works at a lab that you think would be a good contact for me. Is there anyone you can recommend who works in any type of role at a lab related company?” 

If your contact doesn’t know anyone, ask if they know someone who might know of someone else who would have a contact. Always end by thanking them for their time and offer assistance to them at any future date. Be intentional about building your network and making connections over the summer. This may position you to discover internships or jobs that will never be advertised, or at least bring your resume to the top of the pile to be considered for an interview when you apply. Keep a list of all your contacts and update them when you secure a position.

Seminars for the month of June (all in MHC 124):

Resumes and Cover Letters That Stand Out: Tuesday, June 13th at 2 pm

Networking & Informational Interviewing: Friday, June 16th at 9 am

Effective Interviewing: Wednesday, June 21st at 8 am

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