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Seniors juggling multiple job applications & decisions

If you are like most graduating seniors, you realize that you have to submit many applications to get a few interviews.

During the course of the search process, you hopefully will identify a ‘favorite’ job or employer.  The reality is that some employers will make their job offers before others.  What if the first offer you receive is not from your favorite?

Well, you need to know the timing of all of the hiring cycles of all of the employers you are dealing with.  Remember the OCI Orientation coaching?  Don’t leave your last interview without learning their intended time schedule for decisions.

With this information, when you get the first offer from the employer that is not your favorite, you will have what you need to negotiate for more time to make your decision.   You can say, “I have not completed all of my interviews, but I should have more information by ______ time/week.  Could I give you my response then?”

They will let you know if this is acceptable or if they have a different deadline date.  If their deadline does not help you, you have a choice.  You can put pressure on the employers you are waiting for, or you can simply make a decision.

The situation you want to avoid is accepting the first or early offer if you really don’t want it.  You accept it just because you fear having nothing.   The danger is that if a subsequent offer comes in and you accept it, you will have to go back to the first employer and renege (back out).  This is really unprofessional.  You risk burning a relationship bridge, losing the respect of the other recruiters, and having other employers hear about it.  Many of them talk to each other – it really is a small world!

Know that your behavior in this process not only reflects on your personal integrity and ethics, but also on your academic department and this university.  Please visit with a career specialist in the Career Development Center if you are having difficulty making decisions.  Call 651-962-6761 to make an appointment – we’re here!

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