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I came across the following within the National Association of Colleges and Employers blog.  It was written by Pamela Weinberg, entitled, “Networking Advice with a Cucumber Sandwich.”

The author shared a story about an event for community college students she attended where the guest speaker was Gregory Mosher.  Mosher has been involved in the theater since the 1960s and has won every theater award imaginable. He was the director of Lincoln Center Theater, and has directed dozens of plays…

“Mosher won the students over immediately with his humble and honest confession that he was never much of a student, and that he really had no idea what he wanted to do with his life as a student and a young adult.

He told the audience that he stumbled through school (many schools actually) and had no real career calling. A friend invited him to a theater performance and rather than saying no, he said yes—and was forever hooked on the theater. This was the first piece of advice he imparted to the students: Say yes to new opportunities—even if those opportunities sound a little scary or are out of your comfort zone. Saying yes allows you to explore new options, new fields, and to meet new people—opening up all sorts of new possibilities.

Mosher also advised the students to “put it out there.” He encouraged students to speak to as many people as possible about their passions, interests, and ambitions. Whether it is an internship, an informational interview, or a mentor, he advised the students to let their friends, professors, employers, and family members know what they want, because by putting that message out into the world, results will come. I love this advice, and have seen it work time after time.

This represents a single person’s perspective about the concept of networking based on his own life experience.  Coincidentally, Mr. Mosher’s advice is identical to what you would hear from a staff member in the Career Development Center.  So, reach out!

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