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What new grads want from employers

Student and New Hire perceptions about the job search, selecting employers, and the workplace

Before results come out from the Class of 2016, I wanted to share with you some insights from the Class of 2015 about their job search preparation and selection process.

In this survey of current students and recent graduate hires (1-3 years after college), respondents included 126 current students, and 147 recent hires.

What impacts decision to accept a job offer:

  • The nature of the work/job content
  • Salary/Benefits
  • Location

Suggestions and activities that would help them:

  • Host job shadowing
  • Day-in-the-Life exposure
  • Access to talk to recent hires (non-recruiting staff) during the interview process
  • Internships
  • More specific job descriptions

Major Observations & Themes:

  • In hind-sight, I believe that internships where students only work on a single, special project is not as helpful to them as digging in to the real, daily work of the department.
  • Students need exposure to and comfort with ambiguity.
  • Students want to hear about what ‘work-life balance’ really means.
  • Students want authenticity and honesty in the recruiting & hiring process.
  • Students want to hear why people have stayed with their employer.


Source:  Workplace Expectations – Mary Scott, of Scott Resource Group

Time period of survey:  April – June 2015

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