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The latest on how to retain your best talent

Selected Findings of Randstad’s Employer Branding survey are shared here. The online interview, among 10,878 potential employees between the ages of 18 and 65, based the survey on perceived attractiveness of companies .

Why employees leave their jobs – it’s all about engagement and career growth

“Employees who have left their jobs in the past 12 months cite lack of career growth opportunities (26 percent) as the primary reason for leaving a company, followed by low compensation (23 percent) and poor leadership (19 percent).”

Among Millennial Generation workers, the response rate was ten percentage points higher than other groups, with 34% responding “when asked if lack of interest in their current jobs was a factor when considering changing jobs.”

It’s also about Life-Work Balance

“When asked what factor would encourage them to stay at their current companies, 48 percent of respondents selected work/life balance as the primary motivator, followed by competitive salary (34 percent)”, followed very closely (33 percent) by Flexible Working Arrangements.


Timing of the survey – Fall 2014

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