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Mock Interviews – what are they and why do I need one?

Mock Interview – Practice Interview….call it what you like.

Basically, this is an appointment with a Career Development Center staff member that enables you to get the feel for a real interview by role-playing before the real thing happens.

It’s safe (we don’t judge you like an employer will).

It’s helpful (the sole purpose is to help you identify what you are doing well, and what you can improve).

It’s kind of fun!  Watching yourself on video can be great fun!

This type of appointment is Super Effective at improving your interview skills.  Employers have even told us that they wish every person they have ever interviewed could have had a mock interview first.  What does that say?  Pretty good preparation!

Just like you would do before going in to a real interview, you will get the most out of this appointment if you do some preparation.

  1. #1 Best Thing = attend an Interviewing Skills Seminar, offered weekly by career staff in MHC 124.  Watch the Seminars & Events webpage for dates and times [ ].
  2. If you can’t make a seminar, have a conversation with a staff member about the basics of interviewing – as an appointment or Pop-in.
  3. Be sure to read our handout/guidebook on Interviewing.  Pick up in MHC 123, or MHC 124, or find in the Career & Employer Resources section of our webpage,

Call 651-962-6761, or come in to the Career Development Center, MHC 123 and tell the front desk staff that you want to make a Mock Interview Appointment.  Be prepared to tell them what career area and/or job title you’ll be interviewing for, and if you are interviewing for an internship or FT job.

If you have never interviewed before…

If you hate interviews because you don’t think you do well…

If you just want to really polish up….

Then a Mock Interview is for YOU!  We’ll be seeing you!



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