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#USTCareer Friday-What do you think is the best way to follow-up after an interview

Q-What do you think is the best way to follow-up after an interview? (Email, phone, LinkedIn, etc.) What’s your recommendation and why?

We asked this question to our alumni who are part of our LinkedIn ASK group. Here are few of their answers:

• For a follow up, I’ve found the most effective is old fashioned snail mail and a letter. Its physical, takes time and effort, and will impress.

• The interview is the start of a conversation. Do I fit the company/job and do they fit my targeted expectation for company/job. Many factors go into the interview; you discuss a good portion of them. If a connection is made, and you are a fit for the company/job, follow up with the conversation as such. Hopefully your conversation is a good one; you each find out the company/job is where you need to be at this time in your career.
• The old fashioned, hand written thank you note is still very much in vogue. I would suggest thanking the interviewer for their time; make a quick follow-up comment or clarification on a point of emphasis during the interview, then close with a statement that you look forward to hearing from them in the coming days. Hand address the envelope and put it in the mail the same day as the interview. Mail is essentially an extinct item in office mailboxes, so when your note arrives the next day it will most definitely be seen, read, and appreciated.

• A well thought out email is fine later the same day, but e-mail is easy. That hand written thank you note carries much more weight in my opinion.
• Since I am an IT professional, I prefer emails over snail mail so consider who your audience is before deciding the delivery method. Timely follow-up is key so I’d recommend sending a thank you within a day or two. Anything later sends the message you’re not that interested. Also, briefly reiterate the key reasons why you’d be a good fit for the position.
• Snail mail also helps them remember who you are in the future. If that wasn’t the right position for you – there might be one in the future. And they have a tangible thank you card to remember you by. Particularly if the interviewer is a visual person.

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