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Apply For Internships and Jobs During Fall Semester

You have maybe heard that companies are visiting campus for presentations and campus interviews soon.  You may be asking yourself, “Why should I apply to employers when they recruit during the fall semester?  Why would I lock myself in; something better may come along later.”

Here are some good reasons to seize the moment – if you come across employers or types of positions that are of interest, do not delay or hesitate!

1. Employers that participate in the Career Development Center’s On-Campus Interview Program are specifically seeking out St. Thomas students. Unlike posting positions to some massive online job board, this will be a smaller applicant pool, and hence, could increase the odds of your getting an interview!

2. It is usually the largest, most well-known corporations that are ready to recruit, interview and hire during the fall semester. The employer’s theory is that only the most motivated, ambitious, and on-the-ball students are paying attention so early in the school year, and that’s who they want to hire. If this is the type of employer that is attractive, show them how motivated you are!

3. We can’t guarantee that there will be the same volume of corporate opportunities later in the winter and spring. Anything can happen in a global economy, so Carpe Diem!

4. Engaging actively in an internship/job search in the fall gives you the opportunity to begin researching and learning about employers & positions, thereby learning what is attractive to you and what is best for you.

5. It is so much easier when employers come here to talk to you on campus.

6. If active fall applications work out, then you will have completed your internship/job search by November or December potentially. What a nice Spring semester you would have to look forward to!

More information about the On-Campus Interviewing Program, is here:

For questions contact Nicholas Abraham at or Jennifer Rogers at

Call 651-962-6761 to discuss with a career counselor your career interests, your resume, and interviewing preparation!

See you soon!

Career Scoop Update

Career Scoop for the Week of September 17, 2018

Apply for internships and jobs with corporations through On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)
The On-Campus Interviewing program brings various employers to campus to hire a Tommie during the Fall and the Spring Semester. It is an excellent opportunity for students to secure a spring or summer internship or a full time job offer. Many of these employers will NOT be returning in the spring, so this is the time to secure positions with many of these Fortune 1000 employers. To participate you will need to attend an On-Campus Interviewing Orientation. If you have already fulfilled the orientation requirement last year, log into TommieCareers and start applying today.

Employers are on campus this month 
Company representatives from Optum, US Bank, Wells Fargo and Target will be holding information sessions this month about their organization and career opportunities.

Optum’s Consulting Development Program is a tailored program for recent college graduates who are interested in developing a consulting career in the Health Care industry. All majors are welcome to come to McNeely 115 on Tuesday, September 18th from 12 to 1pm to learn more!

Representatives from U.S. Bank will be in McNeely 100 on Wednesday, September 19th from 5 to 6pm to talk to students about their internship and career opportunities.

RSVP on the Career Development Center Seminars and Events page.

Boom Lab Office Hours – Friday, September 21st, 9 am – 2 pm
Interested in learning about careers in Consulting? Drop-in to the Career Development Center in Murray Herrick 123 to speak with a recruiter from Boom Lab. All students welcome!

Click here to sign up for a time.

Other Seminars and Events This Month:

Interviewing Lab: Friday, September 21st, 12:30pm, MHC 124
Resume Writing Lab: Tuesday, September 25th, 12pm, MHC 124
MN Twins Sports Internship and Career Fair: September 25th, 12-3pm, off campus

We are open for appointments and offer daily Pop-In sessions. Call 651-962-6761 or visit MHC 123 to schedule.

General Information

Senior Year Checklist

As much as you may not want to admit it, the real-world awaits. The Career Development Center is here to assist you in the transition from college life to career. We would strongly suggest that somewhere between your studies, activities, and social life, you find time to complete the following steps to prepare yourself for success in life after St. Thomas.

1. Figure Out What You Want To Do NEXT

You don’t have to have the rest of your life figured out today, but it would be beneficial to start thinking about what you want your next step to be. Is it graduate school? A long term service program? A job? If you are unsure about what you want to do after graduation, rest assured that you are not alone. The Career Development Center has inventories you can take to help narrow down your options, and career counselors are available and armed with resources to assist you in the career decision making process.

2. Update, Tailor, and Polish Your Resume

Most likely you haven’t looked at your resume since last spring when you were searching for internships. Start by updating your documents to include whatever experience you had this past summer. Reorganize the sections of your resume to tailor it toward whatever career field, industry, and/or company you are interested in. Then bring your new draft into the Career Development Center to have it reviewed by a career counselor. Continue to ask other people to look over your resume (faculty, family, connections) to get as much insight as possible into what people notice and what advice they might have for improvement.

(If you have not yet started a resume, we hope to see you ASAP!)

3. Buy a Suit

You are likely to have to wear a suit many times, not only throughout your senior year, but throughout your career. Think of it as an investment for your future. This investment will get you through on-campus interviewing, career fairs, networking events, employer site interviews, and your first day of work, in addition to many other business days and meetings down the road.

4. Practice Interviewing

Your resume and cover letter are what get you in the door for an interview, the interview itself is what gets you the job. Make sure that you are well prepared by taking time to reflect on your skills and experience, develop and practice answers to common interview questions, and research the positions and companies that you are applying to. Attend an interviewing skills seminar or schedule a mock interview with a career counselor in the Career Development Center.

5. Create a Profile on TommieCareers

TommieCareers is our online job and internship posting board. Develop your profile to automatically receive information that relates to the fields you are interested in, and check the site often or create an email search agent to stay on top of the new jobs and internships that are posted daily.

6. Participate in On-Campus Interviewing

More commonly known as OCI, on-campus interviewing allows you to apply for jobs and internships and interview with employers right on campus in the Career Development Center. Although OCI may not be for everyone, there are a lot of great opportunities that are posted from a variety of companies throughout the fall and spring semester. For more information visit the OCI page on our website.

7. Attend Career Fairs

Career fairs are a great way to network with employers to learn more about companies and entry level positions or internships they might have available. There are a number of career fairs that take place throughout the year including the Government and Non-profit Career Fair, the MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair, and the Education Fair. For more information visit our seminars and events page.

8. Thinking Graduate School?

If graduate school is your next step, be sure to complete the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, or whatever standardized test is required for application to the programs you are interested in. You will also need a resume or CV for most graduate programs as well as a well written personal statement.

9. Collect References and Letters of Recommendation

Most applicants will only need professional references, while graduate school and jobs in certain industries (i.e. Education) may require letters of recommendation. Build and maintain relationships with faculty, advisors and supervisors that you can ask to be a positive reference for you. It is beneficial to explain your interests and goals as well as to hand them a copy of your resume to give them a framework to go off of when writing your letter or speaking with an employer over the phone.

10. Get Involved

Take advantage of leadership positions that may be available on campus and get involved in activities that match your interests. Employers look specifically for leadership experience on your resume, and like to see community engagement.

11. Clean Up Your Social Media

More than 90% of employers will do an online search for you. Make sure they like what they find. Google yourself, set your privacy settings, and be sure to remove anything that you wouldn’t want your potential future boss to see.

12. Network

Develop a strong LinkedIn profile and take advantage of this valuable program to network with professionals and companies that you are interested in. Connect with the St. Thomas Alumni Association!

13. Check Your Credits

Be sure to check in with your faculty advisor, Academic Counseling & Support and the Registrar to confirm that you have all the credits and requirements that you need to graduate.

14. Stay Connected

Follow, like, and connect with us on InstagramLinkedInTwitterFacebookPinterest, and Youtube.

14. Have Fun!

This year will go by quickly. Make sure you go to class, maintain/improve your GPA, and work on the above 13 things. But also take time for yourself to enjoy your last year on campus, travel, spend quality time with your friends, and visit your favorite local places. If you have to literally schedule time for yourself to do this, do it! As I mentioned before, the real world awaits…