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The 2012 Trend of the MBA

According to recruiters across the globe, “Leadership, innovation, problem-solving, critical thinking and strategic planning are among the many skills that employers need in today’s market,” says the 2012 Graduate Management Admission Council 2012 Corporate Recruiters Survey.

Some of the leading complaints companies made were:

“Coach students to do more homework on the companies they are interviewing for; it’s frustrating to lose candidates who are just on ‘fishing expeditions.'”

“…prepare…the students to truly understand their motivators and what they are looking for in their career; just because a company has a household name doesn’t mean that it’s the best [fit] for everyone.”

“Overall, align candidate interests with the right potential career opportunities and do a better job of understanding what companies offer as a career platform.”

According to GMAC, MBAs should have several years of work experience prior to entering their degree program, and employers said they would like to see all candidates have industry related experience, either from a job or an internship.  27% of recruiters consider internships a primary factor in deciding whether to interview a candidate.

Employers also want leadership traits; those with examples and experience of aiding companies in enhancing their effectiveness, facilitating direction, providing delegation and progress as well as being innovative and effecting change, are in high demand.

Hiring projections for 2012 show that companies world wide are expecting continued growth.  Nearly 4 in 5 companies, or 79%, plan to hire at least one MBA candidate in 2012, an increase of 5% from 2011, and a nearly 30% increase from 2009. (GMAC Survey, 2012)  Hiring tactics still remain the same, as company based referrals lead the recruiting efforts.

While much dedication is placed on the technical skills developed during a student’s classroom tenure, the soft skills such as communication, time management, camaraderie,  and leadership, fostered while completing group projects, internships and presentations, develop each candidate as a whole.  With hiring trends increasing,  the demands of employers are as well.  Equipped with a well suited degree, strong professional and interpersonal skills, MBA graduates are well versed to tackle the turbulent job market.

To view the Graduate Management Admissions Council Recruiter Survey, click here.


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Career Tools

Business Schools Plan Leap Into Data

What is the most common but important skill businesses look in a potential hire? analytical skillsHands down the answer is “Analytical Skills”. With the information world we live in,  managers needs an aptitude to quickly analyze the voluminous data and derive meaningful conclusions to accurately predict the future trends. This need for strong analytical brains has pushed many business schools start a course revolving around data mining, business intelligence and data analytics themes. Read more to find schools and companies that are pressing this hard.


Five best books to read for a career in Investment Banking


Do you love numbers and interested in furthering your career in Investment banking?

The 5 best books to read for a career in Investment banking are

1) Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis: This books details the experiences of the author, a bond salesman at Salomon Brothers. It is a classic book to understand what it is like in investment banking

2) Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking by Tom Lott: This books is like a crash course in equity and fixed income offerings, M&A, corporate finance, sales & trading,research & syndicate. This is a perfect guide to become intelligent and sound intelligent... Read more in Wall Street Journal>>


What does a Recruiter look for when screening your resume?


“There is no second chance for making best first impression”. And first your best impression is not unfortunately you but your resume. One of steps in this 4 steps guide is to make sure your resume has information which the interviewer desires to see.

E.g.) If you are applying for an Marketing research company, the resume should emphasize on specific terms like PEST, conjoint related to that discipline.Read more tips by Resume guru>>