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Contemplating a Career in Nonprofits?

According to the Yale School of Management’s 2010 statistics, the starting salaries of non-profit hires non-profit-credit-card-processingwere around one-third lower than those in the private sector yet there is an increasing number of alumni at all stages choosing non-profit. The reasons according to this article from Wall Street Journal were desire to serve the communities/societies, friendly-family work environment or flexible hours to name a few.

Now, the big question is – How can one transition to this sector especially if he/she doesn’t have prior experience relevant to the job. The first rule is pretty simple – Network, Network & Network!! In addition to this, follow these simple tips:

Volunteer: This shows how serious you are about this sector.

Revamp your resume: Get rid of the corporate jargon and have content that speaks to the position. Non-Profit Managers take this as your genuine interest to use business skills in different setting.

Be humble: Need I say more?

Be realistic: Even though many people choose non-profits for their fun friendly atmospheres and flex times, they should not be taken by surprise by the long hours expected out of them

Accept the differences: For-profit and non-profit organizations differ in many ways – one big one being, how the decision making process works. People contemplating a career in Non-profit should realize and accept the less linear decision making structures owing to the numerous stakeholders like donors, advisers, clients and management.