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The ACG lunch meeting this afternoon was a great way to network with professionals in the finance industry.  They were very willing to talk about their companies and what their roles were.  I was also thrilled at the number of St. Thomas alums that I met.  Overall I think if one were to look for opportunities to intern in the finance industry this is a great way to meet the people that can help with the process.  I found it valuable to have practiced my elevator pitch in the career labs as I was able to present my brand effectively.

– Janarthanan Rajaratnam, MBA Student – Class of 2013

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Recently the full-time MBA students had an opportunity to talk to some recruiters from a variety of companies located in the metro area. While, I felt completely unprepared for a day of networking, let alone talking to recruiters about possible internships for next summer already, I ended up making some great connections from this event. So here are my 5-steps to networking success.
Just say “Hi.”
This is, by far, the hardest part of the entire process. We, as humans, have a natural fear of rejection. When we put ourselves out there for possible recruiters to judge us that is one of the outcomes that we must face. I find that walking up with a smile and just starting in with a, “Hi, my name is Josh,” usually get the ball rolling.
Ask them questions
One thing that I have quickly found out is that recruiters love to talk about their companies, and they are a gold-mine of information. What you may think are a job’s responsibilities may differ from the recruiters perspective, and you need to find that out. Use probing questions to find out about the job’s requirements, the company’s culture, environment, etc. This is a great time to find out if their company is one that you would want to work at anyways.
Find commonalities and make a connection.
This is the active part of conversation. As you are asking the recruiters questions, make mental notes about what is important to their company. It could be your attitude, or a special skill set that you have that would set you apart from other applicants. I had a recruiter tell me that she used to be a teacher which started up a side conversation because I used to be one too. As it turns out, we grew up in the same town, her grandma was my 5th grade English teacher, and my grandpa was our principal in middle school. Granted connections like that are pretty uncommon, but making a personal connection with them help build the relationship.
Why I’m awesome!
This is it! It’s show time! The hard part is done, you’ve gone through the “pleasantries,” but now you have to sell yourself. Tell them what makes you special, and what you can bring to their company. This is no time to be shy. Talk about your accomplishments, accolades, or how you can make their company better. Connect yourself with what the recruiters have already told you are important qualities that they look for. Sell yourself as the perfect fit to all of their current and future problems.
Reconnect with them.
After all of that hard work, you’re still not done.  You need to reconnect with the recruiters later on. Send them a thank you note thanking them for their time, or just drop them a quick email asking how things are going. You’ll need to find that right balance of staying at the front of their minds when a job pops up, or being “that guy” who always bugs me.

– Josh Langlie, MBA Student – Class of 2013

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As you probably know the sooner we start looking for internships the better. That is why I went to the National Black MBA conference. At the beginning, I was not sure if it was going to be a good idea because it was right before the midterms. However, when I saw the companies that were going to be there and the positions that were open, I realized that missing the conference was not an option for me.  As soon as I got there, I was thrown right into putting my pitch into practice, networking, interviewing and in general, being out of my comfort zone.   Before I went, I researched the companies and applied to the positions that fit my background. That was really helpful because I was prepared to speak with the companies and talk about the positions I was interested in. Also, I was lucky enough to get some interviews which were even more good practice. Since I applied in advance and studied the companies that I wanted to talk to, I was able to have meaningful conversations with the recruiters. I made several good connections with companies that I am really interested in working for, and received very helpful feedback about my candidacy for internships. The practice I was able to have there has made me much more comfortable and confident in networking and interview situations.

I will definitely return next year during my search for a full time position. And I highly recommend that you join me!

-Pablo Guzman, MBA Student – Class of 2013


Visiting the facilities of Skylines Exhibits was a very good complement for the principles studied in  Business to Business Marketing. The constant innovation in machinery, procedures and design shows how Skylines is committed to understand its consumers needs. Skylines is focus on providing the best assistance on creating mobile corporate image and performs it with a high standard very appealing to the eyes.

 Lissette Prendes Moreno-Class of 2013

-response to a Graduate Business Career Services planned Corporate Tour at Skyline Exhibits



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