Student Profiles

Name: Ingrid Pacheco                                                                                                                                 Imgrid

Class: 2012

Company: 3M

Job Title: Supply Chain Analyst

Interested in (fields): Manufacturing companies, Global Supply Chain, Industrial Business.

Q&A with a Tommie

1) How did you find this position?

Through networking, I worked for 3M Venezuela before starting the program and I tried to keep in touch with previous coworkers.

2) Describe the interviewing process?

  • Interview with Talent Acquisition Representative
  • Interview with the Supply Chain Supervisor
  • Interview with Supply Chain and Quality Director

3) What skills/tools helped you the most on your job?

Previous experience in Supply Chain with the company, good communications skills, excel tools, quantitative skills, knowledge of software used by the company

4) List any new skills you’ve acquired on the job?

People Soft applications, export processes, supply chain planning, manufacturing reporting, transportation scheduling.

5) Your career advice to the current students

Maintain focus on the position and companies on interest and take advantage of the networking opportunities, either on campus, through social media, family, or friends. Do not be afraid of contacting someone that you don’t know, try to find something in common with them and create connections with people that could potentially help you with your job search.

If you start in a company as a summer intern, take responsibilities and participate in discussions as if you were one more employee and not just a summer intern, get involved in different projects, and keep reminding your supervisor and coworkers how much you want to stay with the company if that’s the case.

Try different ways to get your resume to the companies you are interested on. I got an interview and a job offer from a company where I stop by and left my resume with the receptionist, she then gave my resume to the human resource manager and they happened to be looking for a supply chain intern.

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