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May 21st – GBCS Update

Career Link: One Key to Success – Soft Skills


Soft skills are still in demand.

Last summer, Laszlow Block, the head of hiring for Google turned a few heads when he said that “G.P.A’s are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless…we found that they don’t predict anything.” What Google looks for are the following:

  • Cognitive ability, not I.Q., but the ability to learn, to put pieces of disparate information together, to do this in the moment, as it happens.
  • Leadership defined as knowing when to step in and take the lead as well as knowing when to let others lead.
  • Ownership or committing to being responsible for getting done what needs to be done.
  • And at the same time as leading and taking ownership, also having the humility to being open to the ideas of others.

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Friday, May 23rd – Dean’s Commencement Reception

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