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BEFORE accepting the OFFER

Congratulations, they want you… Now what?

The excitement of an internship or dream job can quickly cause the most level-headed professional to sign on the dotted line.  To ensure you aren’t blind sided, keep the following things in mind:

  • Offers don’t have to be accepted right away, it’s OK to ask for at least 24 hours to review and confirm this is the right decision. 
  • Negotiate your worth.  Research typical salary, benefits and don’t be afraid to ask to speak with Human Resources.
  • Make time for separation.  Transitioning from school or a previous position can be difficult, take time to make that change.  Be sure to have a few days, if not a week, to mentally prepare yourself as well as organize your life prior to starting a new gig.

Here are 12 more items to consider

12 thngs to know before accepting


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