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November 2011

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Reverse Mentoring – Time to switch the roles

It is not uncommon to have a mentor who is older and higher up the ranks but mentoring-largewhat’s definitely uncommon is having someone below your rank to mentor you. That is what is called “reverse mentoring”. The concept of reverse mentoring was championed by Jack Welch to encourage the senior managers learn technologies and latest workplace trends from the young employees. This practice is adopted by many companies and has another positive outcome of reduced turnover among young employees, who not only gain this as a purpose but also get more direct access to the senior management.

Did you know, Jack Welch himself was a mentee to a 20 yr old employee, who taught him how to surf internet.

So, now sharpen your mentoring skills for you never know who you can be paired up with. To read more of this article from Wall Street Journal, click here>>

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INFOGRAPHIC: Here’s How To REALLY Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn guru, Lewis Howes gives practical and aesthetically pretty advice (just check out this LinkedIn Heartlink to understand what I mean) on how to better utilize this Social Media outlet.  This quick read gave me some pointers I wasn’t aware that I was neglecting.  I am eager to see if making the suggested changes such as customizing your URL and website (blogs, twitter accounts etc.) and adding your company (or school) profile will increase my viewer traffic.

Take a look and see if your LinkedIn profile is as up-to-date as it should be.

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Can Being a Workaholic be a Good Thing?

Earlier today I posted an article on the Opus College of Business LinkedIn IluvmyjobGroup titled “Nothing Wrong with Workaholics.”  The Wall Street Journal featured this piece in today’s career section and I found it especially interesting in terms of the way we look at balance.  As a working mom, I am constantly trying to balance what I do as a professional with my at-home obligations, namely motherhood.  The term workaholic is not something I think I have time for.  This article notes a study that looks at workaholism in a new light, stating that feelings of being compelled to work can actually be constructive, with a caveat, you must actually like what you do. The compulsion to work overtime and on the weekends should not be something you are forced to do by a supervisor or a company culture that demands it; instead it should be intrinsic and arise from one’s individual motivation and drive.

Do you ever find that similar topics come up during the day with no apparent connection?  Yesterday was one of those days.  The lunch hour event Graduate Business Career Services holds once a week, featured Nancy Lyons, CEO and President of Clockwork Active Media Systems.  Guess what she touched heavily on during her presentation to the full time MBA students?  Employees who “live and breathe” what they do, not because they don’t have an outside life, but because they truly have a passion for what they do.  Sounds a bit like workaholism, but in a good way.  Clockwork was actually awarded Top Healthy Workplace by the Minnesota Psychological Association despite the fact that their CEO stated she wanted people who “live and breathe” her company.  Perhaps Clockwork received this award because of that fact.  Working at a company that inspires you to want to work hard and be productive makes you happy.  Happiness can actually lead to making balanced decisions.

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25 Worst Passwords of 2011

With much of our time spent in the digital world it is increasingly important to protect ourselves passwordfrom the online intruders. One of the common ways is with the use of passwords. Despite the importance of having strong, unique passwords – people often choose easy to guess and weak passwords putting themselves at the risk of identity theft.

This article from Mashable presents the list of 25 commonly used “passwords”. Any guesses on what tops the list?? Yeah, you guessed it right – it is in fact “password”. Others on the list include: 123456, 12345678, qwerty, abc123, monkey, 1234567, letmein, trustno1, dragon, baseball, 111111, iloveyou, master, sunshine, ashley, bailey, passw0rd, shadow, 123123, 654321, superman, qazwsx, michael, football.

With atleast 20 accounts on average a person has, it is difficult to keep up with the passwords but not any more, this article lists 5 tools to track your passwords. They are 1Password, LastPass, KeePass & KeePassX, RoboForm, Firefox Sync. For more information on the tools, click here>>

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Contemplating a Career in Nonprofits?

According to the Yale School of Management’s 2010 statistics, the starting salaries of non-profit hires non-profit-credit-card-processingwere around one-third lower than those in the private sector yet there is an increasing number of alumni at all stages choosing non-profit. The reasons according to this article from Wall Street Journal were desire to serve the communities/societies, friendly-family work environment or flexible hours to name a few.

Now, the big question is – How can one transition to this sector especially if he/she doesn’t have prior experience relevant to the job. The first rule is pretty simple – Network, Network & Network!! In addition to this, follow these simple tips:

Volunteer: This shows how serious you are about this sector.

Revamp your resume: Get rid of the corporate jargon and have content that speaks to the position. Non-Profit Managers take this as your genuine interest to use business skills in different setting.

Be humble: Need I say more?

Be realistic: Even though many people choose non-profits for their fun friendly atmospheres and flex times, they should not be taken by surprise by the long hours expected out of them

Accept the differences: For-profit and non-profit organizations differ in many ways – one big one being, how the decision making process works. People contemplating a career in Non-profit should realize and accept the less linear decision making structures owing to the numerous stakeholders like donors, advisers, clients and management.