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October 2011

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The most generous companies in America

“At a time when Occupy Wall Street is shining a light on greed in America, some companies make Charitable companies a point of donating a significant chunk of their profits to charity”, writes Susan Adams in her recent article for Forbes.  Focusing on the good corporate America can produce is food for the soul as we approach the holiday season.  Here is a list of the 10 most charitable companies in America.  A corporation that donates profits to those who truly need it is a company worth working for.  Did any of your target companies make the list?


The Top Eight Rules of Networking

Networking is scary when you feel the adrenaline rush to make the best impression. 21-networkingOne of my personal experiences is – if you perceive Networking as a opportunity for potential employment then you are under enormous pressure than when you perceive it as an opportunity to make connections.

This article from Wall Street provides tips that will guide you on becoming a master at networking. Of the many tips, one that I’m particularly drawn to is the “PITCH” – The 30 – 60 sec pitch shouldn’t talk about what you did but where you want to be and support your position with your past experiences. “Share what’s relevant but not what’s recent”. For more interesting tips read it on WSJ>>

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Rethinking your Weaknesses

The idea of doubling your strengths by transforming the way you look at your weaknesses sounds good in Talking up your strengthstheory but is it practical or realistic?  A recent article in Business Week by Marshall Glodsmith discusses psychologist Tommy Thomas’s  theory that weaknesses are actually strengths and what effect this altered view can have on professionals’ overall achievement.

In terms of career development, the word “weakness” always takes me back to the common interview question, “Tell me about your areas of development.”  Interviewees are encouraged to take their weakness and make it a positive.  Looking at your all your characteristics in a positive light actually makes answering this question easier.  The trick is researching the company you are interviewing with and determining what the company deems a strength/weakness.  Here are a couple common “weaknesses” as seen by many US Fortune 500 companies and a way to look at them as a strength.

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Minneapoils/St. Paul Business Journal Best Places to Work List

We mention “company culture” often these days when discussing job searches, professional No. 1 Fingerdevelopment, career path etc.  In a time where company cutbacks are more of the norm than the exception, researching companies that treat employees well is good idea.

Once you graduate with your MBA, and begin your full time career, you will spend more time at work than anywhere else.  Wouldn’t that time be well spent at a company that values you and one where you enjoy working?  Studies show that employees are most productive when they are satisfied and feel respected. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recently came out with the 13th annual list of Best Places to Work. The 55 named companies were determined based on anonymous employee surveys.  Read the full list of companies and start to consider if one of them has a culture you value.


The Art of Online Portraiture

When it comes to LinkedIn and other social media we tend to pay a lot of attention to the LinkediNcontent, how are we positioning ourselves etc, but did we ever focus our attention on the Profile picture?

LinkedIn research shows that a profile with display picture is seven times more likely to be viewed than one without. The author of this article on Wall Street Journal, Ms. Williams shares some dos and don’ts when it comes to fully defining who you are with a profile picture. Read more on WSJ>>