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6 Words That Will Instantly Make You A Networking Pro

The elevator pitch is valuable and necessary, but this article on Open Forum is a Networkinggreat reminder that networking is a two way street and the people who do it well are curious, inquisitive, and genuinely interested in others. The six magic networking words are those that journalists know well; who, what, when, where, why, and how.

We all love to meet people who are interested in what we have to say, who seem to care about our backgrounds. Nobody enjoys someone who monopolizes the conversation or talks solely about themselves. When attending networking events it’s important to keep in mind that we should be having conversations. When handing out our card it should be natural and meaningful, not a game of “how many cards can I hand off”. Business is about building relationships. Think of your job search as building your personal branding business and focus on building business relationships as opposed to meaningless card exchanges.


Volunteering for the right reasons

As I was checking off items on my morning to do list, I came across an article posted on Volunteering-HandsLinkedIn titled “People who Volunteer Live Longer.” that captured my attention.

What a great way to convince more students to volunteer, I think.  Not only will it help expand their network, build their resume, but it will also increase their longevity on this planet.  Then I read the article.  It made me check myself, so to speak.  I had it all wrong and maybe I’m not the only one.  We encourage students/job seekers to volunteer by focusing on what service can do for them, what they will get out of it.  The article states that volunteering should be a truly selfless act.  Then and only then will we receive any benefit from it.  Only then will we experience the joy in helping someone who needs it.  Only then will we lose ourselves in a meaningful activity and experience what it means to get outside of our head for a moment.  The author, Remy Melina, refers to a study from the University of Michigan which concluded that those individuals who partook in charitable activities with the motive solely on others and not on themselves actually increased their lifespan.  Those whose reasoning was to feel good about themselves, meet more people, look good etc. (motive on self) maintained the same lifespan had they not volunteered.  Apparently when we focus on helping others, volunteering is joyful and a stress reducer, when we focus on what we will gain, it becomes just another item on our to-do list and is a stress inducer.

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The Art of Switch-Tasking

As most graduate students know all too well, burnout can happen somewhere past the halfway girl-reading point of the fall semester.  Spending hours upon hours studying for a midterm leaves your brain foggy and its challenging to remember what you ate for breakfast let alone the Foundation of Marketing Strategy you just went over in class last week.  We all think that sticking with an assignment or a task will leave you with a sense of completion and a better overall knowledge of a subject.  Not so, says a recent article posted in the Wall Street Journal

The article makes a point of coining the term “switch-tasking” (not to be confused with multi-tasking) stating that regularly changing your daily duties and tasks at hand actually leads to more productivity because it keeps you focused and less likely to “burn out.”

The idea of switch-tasking applies quite well to one’s job search strategy.  I have spoken to numerous students and career changers who lament the fact that hours of searching the internet produce little or no results and leave them feeling frustrated and fatigued.  The problem lies in the fact that you are spending too long on one task.  A job search strategy is multi-faceted and involves research, networking, editing, and soul searching.  Too many job seekers spend most, if not all, of their time on the research aspect, specifically scouring job aggregator sites.  That can get mundane and feel like a waste of time.  Try instead breaking your strategy into small hour long chunks where you set aside time to work on your social networking one day, then send emails to contacts another.  Follow that with some internet research and then a networking event.  Lastly don’t forget the importance of taking time to analyze what you are passionate about, what your competencies are, and where you want to spend your 40+ hours a week.  Switching things up actually leads to higher productivity and adds more balance to your day.


Careers within Finance & Accounting

The article focuses on various job titles within the Finance and Accounting along with the skills required and the expected job responsibilities. The various titles discussed are: Financial Analyst – Healthcare Industry, Financial Analyst – Manufacturing, Financial Analyst – Banking, Finance Manager, Sr. Financial Analyst, Staff Accountant, and Senior Accountant.

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Sales & Marketing

Careers within Marketing

This article lists the job titles/careers within Marketing under two buckets – Brand Management and Marketing. Some of the titles within Brand Management are Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Manager and Marketing Director, while some of the areas within Marketing are Market Research, Advertising, Public Relations and Promotions. This article also includes the competencies required and the job responsibilities of the various careers.

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