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April 2011


How to Use Your Personal Brand to Switch Careers

Being at MBA School, I’m sure most of us know the concept of brand and its application to not just products brand-heart-300x293and companies but to humans. The author of this article clearly articulates the different components that go into building and strengthening the personal brand.

“The secret is to lock into the right frame of mind to pursue opportunities as they arise, to maintain the emotional willingness to open yourself to new possibilities” , says Scott Ginsberg. To understand the different opportunities that life provides at every walk to reposition and reestablish the brand read more on>>

Job Search

How to Find a Summer Internship

If you are one of the many who thinks that there are no more summer internships available, then read this summer_internship_id_cardand you will be amazed to find the resources for your Summer Internship. Of the many Job search portals, some are beyond imagination like Craigslist – Yes it is Craigslist. How? Find out more on>>


SEO Your Resume

Doesn’t it help to know how companies search for prospective profiles online? This is what exactly this article in The talks about. Want to appear more during the recruiter’s candidate hunting? Now, optimize your resume by understanding how these search engines source the profiles. For more information click here>>


How to write an enticing summary for LinkedIn?

Our summary of LinkedIn is often times a reiteration of the skills and catch phrases. How can we make group-people1-533x400it more appealing? One important thing which we often don’t pay attention to is the contact information. List the active E-mail and phone number at which you can be easily accessible. The summary of the LinkedIn should cover your tagline, 30-sec pitch, examples of what you best. This article has wealth of information for specific styling methods to grab the attention of the recruiter.

Read more on>>