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March 2011

Got a question?

Got a question?

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Salary Negotiation: 5 ways to get what you want

six figure salary negotiations

With many of you finding employment opportunities, it is important to learn the tactics to effectively negotiate salary requirements. You all know about researching the industry or title specific compensations but something  you will be amazed to learn is
1) When asked about your previous salary package, don’t give out the number. Most of the times wherever applicable say “Not Applicable” and if the interviewer stress or if it a online application, give the total compensation $ amount.

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Job Search

How to Protect Your Privacy When Job Hunting

Protecting privacy in this complex web-based world we live protecting your privacyin is a challenge. Some of the ways as suggested in Wall street by which you can ensure secure identity while job hunting online are:
1) Avoid having the original home address on the resume and instead rent a postal mail box for the search period.
2) Whenever possible apply directly to the hiring manager.
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What to include in a coverletter that makes you stand out

What usually pops into mind when you think about cover letter? We think cover letter as a summary of our skills and experiences but there are 3 important things that make it more appealing:
1) Write company’s specific challenges and your skills that will help overcome them
2) Include a quote from your supervisor or colleague stating what you are best at, their name & title
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