Listening House Silent Auction

Last Sunday many of us facilitators helped work a silent auction in McNeely Hall to raise money and awareness for the Listening House. There were also many BUSN200 students that volunteered for the planning, prepping, and marketing of the event, as well as acting as hosts at the event itself. It seemed as though the students who volunteered genuinely enjoyed the time spent organizing, and definitely learned a lot of skills that will help them move forward as business proffessionals. It was also very exciting to see all the enthusiastic attendees bid on the amazing donated items that were up for auction!
The live auction was one of my favorite parts of the night. Guests would continuously bid in competition with each other, which made a good laugh for the rest of the crowd. The auction was a fun way to buy amazing items that were often bought for a much smaller amount than they would regularly be sold for, and the money raised for the Listening House made the spending much more rewarding.
I’m unsure of the exact dollar amount that was raised, but from the looks of it, the event was a great success!
Erin Smith- Facilitator
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