Mid-term Panels: Exposing Students to the Other Side of Business.

Every semester, Busn200 students are required to attend a mid-term panel. The Panel consists of three or four executive leaders from non-profits in the area. Guess executives discuss the business functions of non-profits and give students an insight on what it’s like to work in a non-profit.
For many of our students, Busn200 is the first course that discusses the role of non-profits in business. This panel allows students to explore the business functions that are essential to the successful management of non-profits. During the panel discussion, students get a chance to ask questions and better grasp careers in non-profits. Panelists even share insights on their lifestyle and how their non-profit career impacts their lifestyle.
Along with this class three, the Mid-term panel provides undergraduate business students at UST the opportunity to consider careers in non-profit organizations.
Regardless of whether students pursue a career in a non-profits or for-profit, they graduate with the knowledge that their options are far from limited.
Anisa Abdulkadir
Buns200 Coordinator
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