Finals Approaching

Having worked at BUSN200 for two semester now, I feel much more knowledgable about how classes will go and how to deal with students who refuse to turn journals in on time. However, I am never prepared nor will I ever be prepared for when final projects are presented. At the beginning of the semester, all my students are annoyed to have to volunteer 40 hours out of their lives to help the less fortunate, but at the end of the semester, after they’ve changed more people than they could fathom, they present a final project to me that always surprises me and makes me smile and sometimes cry. I am always blown away by what amazing volunteer work my students have accomplished and I can see in their eyes and through their presentations that they enjoyed every minute of giving back to the community. So good luck everyone on your final projects, I will have tissues ready!


Michelle Pakonen~Facilitator

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