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April 2015


Finals Approaching

Having worked at BUSN200 for two semester now, I feel much more knowledgable about how classes will go and how to deal with students who refuse to turn journals in on time. However, I am never prepared nor will I ever be prepared for when final projects are presented. At the beginning of the semester, all my students are annoyed to have to volunteer 40 hours out of their lives to help the less fortunate, but at the end of the semester, after they’ve changed more people than they could fathom, they present a final project to me that always surprises me and makes me smile and sometimes cry. I am always blown away by what amazing volunteer work my students have accomplished and I can see in their eyes and through their presentations that they enjoyed every minute of giving back to the community. So good luck everyone on your final projects, I will have tissues ready!


Michelle Pakonen~Facilitator


Reflections about STLF

Over spring break I chose to go on a service trip with an on-campus organization, Students Today Leaders Forever. It was honestly the best decision I could have made. Many BUSN200 students choose to fulfill their requirement through these service trips, but I would recommend the trip to anyone!
During the week we stopped in a different city every day to do a different service project. As a group we made blankets for Project Linus; helped out at an automobile museum; picked up a lot of trash; passed out fliers for the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society; and helped demo a house! The service projects were awesome and allowed everyone on the trip to use their strengths in different ways. For example, I helped a lot when we were making blankets because of my previous sewing experience. When we helped gut the house, other students had construction experience and really helped out there. It was great to see how everyone came together as a team to get things done! The service sites were so appreciative of our efforts, we are still hearing from them a week after the trip! 
The best part of the week was all of the people I got to know. St. Thomas typically has three buses from STLF go on service trips. My bus was unique this year in that it had half UST students and half Gustavus students. We really bonded as a team and got to become really good friends. I miss everyone from the trip so much! I had so much fun running around Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and DC with those guys.
If anyone is considering an STLF trip, I would wholeheartedly say that they should just go for it. As a senior, I went into the trip thinking that it was my last chance to do something like that, and I am glad I took that chance. I got to serve a variety of communities and people, and meet other like-minded students. I am so thankful for the experience I got to have and I wish I could go back!
Lauren Buchholz~Facilitator