The Ripple Effect

As spring break is approaching, many of you will be adding on extra hours at your service sites, and some of you will even conquer your entire requirement of community service hours this next week. The STLF and Vision Spring Break trips among other options are great ways to fulfill the 40 hour requirement of BUSN200. These trips go across the country and impact many different people and organizations.
Even if you aren’t going across the country with your service site, you are making a huge difference to a wide assortment of people. This just goes to show how big the “ripple effect” that each of you can have is. Think about what you have done at your service site – who have you made an impact on? You might think it is just the few students you have been tutoring or the elderly woman that you visit with while volunteering at a nursing home. But, take a second to look further into your service. Chances are your impact is even greater than you thought.
Say you are volunteering with an after school program in which you tutor about 4 kids whenever you put in a few hours. So, yes, you are making a large impact on the lives of each of these students. Behind the scenes, there are so many people benefitted by this act. Consider the parents of these children – you’re saving them time and effort that they can spend doing other activities with or for their children. The teachers of these students are also greatly benefitted, as their students are more knowledgeable. You’re helping the classmates of these students as well, because once these students you’re working with understand the assignments, they’ll be able to help the other students out. Even the other family members of these four students are benefiting from your effort.
Now take a second to look at your service. Who is benefitting from your “ripple effect”? Just one act can have a significant impact on so many people. For those of you about to take part on any of the spring break volunteering trips, keep this thought in mind as you complete your service. How many people are you personally having a positive impact on? Your impact can be far greater than even you can imagine. 
Thank you,
Hayley- Facilitator 
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