Be Open Minded

There is a lot that can be learned from BUSN200. Both about yourself, and your community. When going into service, I hope that wherever anybody decides to do so they participate with an open mind. There is always a learning opportunity. Every single person you meet has an untold story with a different perspective, a new idea, or a motivating lesson. Don’t write a person or an organization off just because they’re small or disheveled. They have a world unknown to you, experiences that are completely different, and thoughts that you never would have thought of. Don’t be afraid to talk to others about their lives and situations. Don’t be afraid to branch out. As a BUSN200 student, working through service is a chance for you to rub shoulders with people that aren’t all that similar to you. Learn from these people by being empathetic. Think about what you would do in their shoes. It’s an interesting world out there, and when you have the chance to explore it, dive deep!


Braeden Stamas~ Facilitator

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