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February 2015


What can I do to give back?

Among the many topics we discussed during the orientation, by far the most impactful topic is concerning the importance of service. As Dr. Gorski stated, there are numerous people who have paved a path for us attain our current position in life. Whether we are students, teachers, or waiters, someone in our lives has paved a path for us to get us where we are today. Our parents, friends, teachers, community workers, religious leaders, all played a role in paving this path. Some of these individuals may have been volunteers. Giving up time out of their schedule to build this path, one brick at a time. Because of BUSN200, business students have the opportunity to make a difference in some else’s live. To give an impactful service that could result in the success of an individual or a community.
After the orientation, students and facilitators alike can’t help but ask themselves, “What can I do to give back; to pave a path for someone else?” As a constant reminder of those who’ve built our paths, Dr. Gorski gives each student several rocks. These rocks are there to remind us of our supporters, and of our social duty to serve and build a path for someone else.
Anisa Abdulkadir~ Facilitator