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December 2014


Great Work this Semester!

So this has been the last week for many of us with our BUSN200 sections. I hope everyone got as much out of the class as I did.  I wish everyone the best of luck on all their finals! Remember its just this one last week and then you can relax for a whole month! Keep working hard and it will definitely show in the classroom.  Congrats to everyone who passed Business 200 this semester I hope everyone got a lot out of taking this class. Hopefully you all realize the positive impact you made on some of these peoples lives! Remember this when you are celebrating the holidays with your families in these next few weeks. We are so blessed to go to this great university, now what are we going to do to help others? Think about this continue to volunteer!


Happy Holiday’s

Kasey Liebeg


Lauren Buchholz~ Facilitator

As the semester comes to an end, students have been presenting their final creative projects for Business 200. For their presentations, students must address whether or not they achieved their learning objectives for the semester, how they grew as professionals and individuals, and what they did at their service sites. I have to say that the final class was my absolute favorite! My students were so creative in their project ideas; one of my students brought a ukulele and performed a song about his service site. Another one of my students made a Youtube video. I had one girl who made a picture book and I had a few students try their hand at poetry. It was awesome to see the projects they came up with to represent their service sites and the experiences that they had.

All of my students were able to articulate how they grew over the course of the semester through their service. Many of them talked about how they wanted to continue doing volunteer work even after the class was over! I was so touched because several of my students came into the service learning class with a negative attitude. They did not like the idea of doing mandatory community service; but after completing the service, they saw the value in the program.

As professionals, the students learned a variety of skills. Whether it was networking, working with Excel, learning patience, or marketing, students gained valuable skills based on what their service site needed. These skills will help them when they graduate, and the students were all appreciative that they had the opportunity to develop these attributes.

Overall, my first semester as a Business 200 facilitator was incredibly rewarding. I am looking forward to what next semester brings and seeing more students grow!

Lauren Buchholz~ Facilitator


Final Weeks of Semester!

As the semester is wrapping up, these last few weeks are more jam packed with studying for finals, papers, and projects. Take a little time out of each day from cramming or researching for your paper to think about those around you. There might not be a lot of time in your busy schedule to necessarily go out and spend hours volunteering at the food shelf or homeless shelter, but there’s enough time to make a difference.

Take a minute to think about those that are less fortunate than you. Think about something that you could do to help them out. That way, when finals are over and you can’t stress about the semester anymore, you can go out and take action. That’s when you can help collect gifts for the less fortunate, spend time volunteering at the local nursing home, or even shovel out the snowed-in walkways of people that can’t do it on their own.

This way, the end of the semester will not only bring you the relief of having no more classes over break, but you can also bring happiness and warmth to someone else. Enjoy the last few weeks of this semester!


Hayley Johnson- Facilitator