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October 2014


BUSN200 J-Term

It’s not too early to think about completing BUSN200 over J-term! St. Thomas students have the unique opportunity to visit Haiti for a week of service, empowerment and friendship. Accounting professor Kristine Sharockman will serve as the faculty advisor on this mission trip with Healing Haiti, a local organization that has been leading trips to Titanyen, Port-au-Prince, and Cite Soleil since 2006. The trip will take place the week of January 12-19, 2015 (and you can use this trip to complete your BUSN200 requirement!) To learn more, visit the website: or contact Kristine Sharockman at


Reflections of a New Facilitator

This is my first year as a BUSN200 Facilitator, and I find myself reminiscing about the summer I completed my BUSN200. I remember what it was like to be in the shoes of the students I’ve been teaching. I have been involved in various service opportunities since high school, but when I completed own my service learning course in 2013, I had no idea what to expect. I was living at UST for the summer, and had to make new connections with organizations I was not familiar with. I had to learn a new bus schedule. I had to learn my way around the skyway system in Minneapolis to get to my service site! Even the work the service site was having me do was challenging; I chose to do an unpaid internship at a non-profit to complete my BUSN200, and things like calling strangers on the phone seemed so daunting because I was so shy. I had seen in my own life how service had already helped me grow as a person, but I was still very nervous because of all the changes.
BUSN200 ended up being one of the best experiences of my college career. I grew so much as a person, as well as a professional. I realized all of the changes I had been so nervous about were just plain silly. I could directly see how my service was helping others. And I was able to come out of my shell and learn to be a little less shy and a little more confident. My internship was one of my first professional jobs, and I left feeling like I could take on any challenge and do just about anything. I was once again reminded of the impact that service can have, not just on the community but on the individual. That’s why UST has its business students complete the BUSN200 program. It makes students grow into well-rounded leaders.
Now that I am facilitating BUSN200 and working with students to ensure they complete their service, I can see myself in some of the students. Some of the students are nervous to take on this new commitment. To those students: don’t be nervous. Embrace this change and challenge. Think of all the people you will help. And think of all the new skills you will gain. We talk in our second BUSN200 class about stakeholders. UST students are some of the most important stakeholders, and in class I have already been amazed by some of the humbling stories my students have shared about their service. I can tell that other students are having similar life-changing experiences that I had when I completed my own BUSN200, and as a facilitator there is no better feeling. I truly believe in this program, and I can’t wait to see where this year as a facilitator takes me.
Lauren Buchholz~ Facilitator


qWhy are you doing this service? Is someone making you do this or are you doing this to check the box on the degree requirement? Or do you really just enjoy helping people out? All of these things are very valid reasons to be completing this class. Yes, you do need this to graduate with a business degree, so you are checking a box and the University is making you do this. The question is why? Why would St. Thomas put such an emphasis on having every one of their business students complete a service course to graduate from the Business school? Why is this the only department on Campus that makes their students do this?

The University of St. Thomas has seen the many positives of having students complete this class. It gives the students a much more of a well-rounded view of how fortunate they are to be going to this fine institution. Also this gives students an opportunity to do something they might never have had the opportunity to do. Another thing that is great about service is that it is giving back to the community. In the Bible Luke 12:48 “To much has been given much is expected”. This verse really hits home to what we are doing. We have been given the great opportunity to go to this great institution what are we going to do with it?


Kasey Liebeg~Facilitator



“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

Sure, you’ve got a full schedule. You’re taking 16 credits, working 3 jobs, and then you have family and friends to spend time with on top of that. You have no time to even think, let alone volunteer.

Take a second to think about your schedule. Sure, you dedicate a few hours each Thursday night to watch your favorite tv shows. Hey, you can’t miss those – you don’t have DVR. Now, Picture that one kid in middle school, the one that takes his math homework out each night and just stares at it. He has no idea what he is doing, but he always sits down on Thursdays and tries and tries to get through the problems so that he can pass his class.

Think about it. Could you really NOT handle watching your favorite show the next day online? Is Grey’s Anatomy really that crucial to your happiness? Is there any way that you could use your Calc II level math skills and volunteer your time to tutor that kid that struggles through his homework each Thursday night? Then, maybe the two of you could watch Grey’s together after you get through explaining those 20 problems that he just doesn’t seem to understand?

Look at his face – the smile as he finally “gets it.” The excitement as he moves on to the next problem…. And gets it right!

After sitting on the couch, eating that bag of chips and watching your shows, would you feel the same sense of satisfaction that you get after helping someone understand the one thing that had seemed overwhelming to them just the day before?

Think about it. Is sacrificing that one tv show worth it to make an impact on this young teenagers life? Or would you rather sit back and chill while he struggles day and night through his work?

This is just one way that you can volunteer. Not to take away from your time but to give the time that you can to do something beneficial and uplifting for someone else. You can always watch the show at a later time, but you can make a positive impact on that kid’s life now! In your own way, on your own time, you can be the change that somebody has been praying for. You can be the person that finally helps someone understand a math problem, keeps someone company when they’re lonely, or feeds someone that does not have the resources. You can make a statement. So, get up off of that couch, and go make a difference out there!

Hayley Johnson ~ Facilitator


To pay it forward.


I participated in my first Pay It Forward tour in March 2011. Throughout undergrad at University of Saint Thomas, I have always put an enormous amount of effort into my commitments and would characterize myself as fairly tightly wound. I signed up for the tour because I wanted to spend some time thinking about others, and not the stresses of my own life.

Road tripping in a bus with other 40 college students for a week who want to make a positive impact on new communities gave me a sense of utter peace. I can honestly say that I emerged from the trip as a different person. It had a way of changing my entire outlook on relationships with other people, both friends and strangers.

The 40 college students that at the beginning of the week were completely strangers to each other transformed into a family. Something that really struck me was the way our tour leaders got us to really be truthful to everyone and most importantly to ourselves. This level of closeness enabled us to share the experience at a much deeper level than we otherwise would have. I honestly believe that my spring break trip with STLF was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in college. I’d recommend it to anyone; especially those who want to take a step back from their day-to-day obligations and experience a broader and more meaningful connection to their community.

Evelyn Jacome~ Facilitator