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April 2012


Project Poetry

Nothing can measure the size of a child’s heart
Youth is a blessing, a work of art
Sometimes the lesson was hit or miss
But then again, ignorance is bliss
I asked, what is opportunity cost?
They learned, it is all but what is lost
Teaching is not an easy task,
at first I hid behind a mask
It was not long, however,
That I feared this strange endeavor
My name is Peter, I told them all,
Welcome! they said, let’s have a ball!
I took off that mask and chimed right in,
Okay class, let’s begin!
75 smiles, each I will remember,
How time moves, is it already December?
Confidence, patience, empathy,
I will use some day in orthodontistry
A classroom is not an office you see,
But it cultivates skills, universally

By: Pete Wright, BUSN200 student


Project Poetry

What does it mean, to have a business degree?
What is business, what is a degree?

With it, what guarantees, are given to me?
If success is only relative and changes constantly.

We are told every day, good isn’t good enough, we need to do more.
So why work harder, what the hell for?

Especially in the lifetime, that we have been placed in!
Would Ben Franklin ever had become America’s first entrepreneur
if he was told all the time, the world was going to end?

So why is a business degree worth striving for?
I realized it’s not the degree that I’m working toward.

Because it’s what I do while I’m in school that is ultimately going to push me forward.
From networking, to opportunities like the one I was given through Business 200.

And through my service I realized I could actually make a difference.
One month I learned more than I had from any class that I’ve taken so far in business.

With just a little effort there’s a lot you can do.
After all, Chuck Norris was able to punch an atom, and it split into two!!!

By: Daniel Culhane, BUSN200 student