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March 2012



Just being my second semester as a Business 200 Facilitator, every day opens new doors for me and I am so impressed by how much variety in service there is surrounding us. This semester I am pleased to hear new stories and life changing experiences that each student has been facing. This semester some students are giving their time to help serve children with special needs ride horses, to doing free tax returns for low-income families, and even traveling down to an Orphanage in Honduras over spring break. The students this semester have reminded me with their passion and drive the importance to help create a better business-community relationship all around us.

Being surrounded by the same people every day can hinder your views about what is going on in the community nearby. I am intrigued each group meeting how students’ view points from their first initial business 200 journal have changed and seem to accept the service learning aspect of this course more. With everyone having such different talents and hobbies, this makes service learning able to reach a wide range of organizations.

“Perhaps the biggest takeaway from class this morning, when the other students were discussing their plans, was that I appreciated everybody’s own gifts and talents more.”
– John Baumgardner

After I thought about this quote I believe it is so important to recognize that not every service site is right for everyone. Because of everyone’s unique talents and passions; Business 200 is a great way for them to shine and to find out more about themselves in the process. It is an important way to practice building relationships with trust, overcome language barriers, and push you of your comfort zone. I can’t wait to hear about the 40 hours of experience each student has completed by the end of this semester and the lives they have been able to change.

By: Andrea Paetznick, BUSN200 Facilitator


Come celebrate 20 years!

This year the Business 200 program is celebrating our 20th anniversary.  We want to celebrate the amazing things that St. Thomas BUSN200 students have accomplished in the community over the past 20 years.  By the end of this year more than 10,000 students will have completed BUSN200, contributing more than 400,000 hours of service at more than 4000 service sites in more than 20 different countries!  If taxpayers had paid for that same amount of service, at today’s minimum wage, it would have cost us more than $2.5 million.

In order to properly celebrate the amazing accomplishments that have taken place over the past 20 years, the new BUSN200 Center is hosting a 20th anniversary celebration week!  We invite you to come celebrate on the appropriate day listed below.  Thanks to all involved for 20 great years of this amazing program and looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Faculty and Staff dayMonday, March 12th

All St. Thomas faculty and staff are welcome to join us anytime from 7:00 am until 10:00 am for bagels and coffee to start your day off right!


Current Student dayTuesday, March 13th

All students currently participating in the BUSN200 program are welcome to join us during convo hour for root beer floats!


Campus-wide dayWednesday, March 14th

Everyone in the St. Thomas community – students, staff, faculty, etc. – is invited to join us anytime from 7:00 am until 10:00 am for bagels and coffee!


All Students dayThursday, March 15th

All St. Thomas students are welcome to join us during convo hour for root beer floats!


Community Partner dayFriday, March 16th

Community partner non-profit organizations are invited to join us from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm for desserts!


Keep your eyes open for exciting giveaways throughout the week!!!


All events will be held in the BUSN200 Center in McNeely 215



Before starting to serve as a BUSN200 facilitator, I did not have full understanding of just how important service is. Yes, I had done service before, however, it’s a lot more meaningful within a more defined setting.

Service is not just going to the food shelf and helping give out food, or fundraising money, not to underestimate the importance of these; but service is a way of life. You have to believe in serving others – during good and bad times. And this is not something that always comes naturally.

So as I witness the transition of students from being “not so excited” to complete the BUSN200 requirement in the beginning to the last class when students share moving, creative expressions of what they have learned from serving, I am constantly reminded why we serve others – “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Gandhi Mahatma

By: Cliff Nsubuga, BUSN200 Facilitator