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December 2011


Project Poetry

Last year was a crazy year, progress seems slow but remains steady
Emotions run heavy but yet still waters run deep, only once they break the levy
Involvement is the key to sustained development
Have to ensure that your motivations remain relevant
No settlements for mediocrity, sights set to the top of every mountain peak
No holding on, still have to remain strong – never stop till it’s complete
Admit defeat but always expect greatness
What does it take to grow? Reflect and contemplate this
Patience is a virtue which I’ve went without
Show what you’re about and push through life, without a doubt
Make a difference and take bounds after leaps
Through the thick and the thin, true winners will win
No matter what goal they truly seek
Amidst the diversity, against the adversity – true colors are now shown
Ups and downs everyday with a predicted forecast, guess you could call it the Dow Jones
Genuine service is unique and techniques seem to speak
So be a man and extend a helping hand, see how far you can reach
It’s not about the numbers you can touch or how many people know your name
Build on what you have and try new ways to win the same game
Implementation, Dedication
Determination, Inspiration
It’s an extraordinary sensation watching others advance by your words and your actions
Reaping the fruits of your own labor, an undisputed satisfaction
Learning through service and all progressing forward as one
Come second to none, it’s not over till it’s truly done
Ensure that you’re still having fun and try the best that you can
No matter what comes our way, we will always continue to withstand.

By: Brock Miller, BUSN200 student


Final Project Poem

Giving: The Ties that Bind

Once a fellow, long-time student
Jumped into reality’s classroom
Sixteen classroom years, smart, prudent,
A new culture to be found.
Giving time, work, effort,
To a company not for profit.
Discovering values, mind alert
To learn to give, don’t stop it.
Community joining, differences made,
A film can teach a lot.
Bring people together, they all stayed
And heard what filmmakers sought.
Raising money, driving cars,
Some very simple tasks.
Earned recognition, thankful stars
And a company, here are the facts.
One person, difference small.
Two people, better yet.
A hundred together, count them all
Giving so the organization is set.
So this student, long into classroom learning
Liked what he had found.
Experience giving is real living;
Take it to corporate life, so positive communities abound.
Give to others, it’s true to help you find
You discover who you are, and learn of the ties that bind.

By: Connor Hills, BUSN200 student


Starting with Two

Going to High Field Junior academy primary/middle school back home (Uganda), at the time a very small school located in the suburb of Kampala the capital city, I never dreamed I would end up studying abroad in Paris, France for a semester. But it all began with two volunteers.

High Field Junior academy, a grade 1-7 school, with mostly children from lower level income, was privileged to receive two volunteers from several time zones away: Britain. They spent a year teaching English, French, music, and sports. As a 13 year old, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent with them. From playing volley ball, to being taught guitar, every moment was a ton of fun.

This was mainly because, until that point in my life, I had never, and if not for them, probably never, would have  experienced most of these wonderful activities the volunteers engaged us in. The one activity that changed my life course the most was the elementary French lessons.

They talked to us in French; a language we didn’t even know existed. After the volunteers left, I was determined to continue learning French and even started dreaming of visiting Paris to experience the French culture. In my childish mind, I thought that should I meet a French girl, I should be able to woo her in French.

Years later, in 2009, I got the opportunity to join University of St. Thomas which has one of the best study abroad programs. So when the time came to choose a study abroad destination, guess what first came to my mind? PARIS, of cause. In spring’11, I went to Paris and had a dream come true, inspiring and immensely life changing experience.

It all began with two volunteers. Because they challenged themselves and came to Uganda all the way from Britain; they inspired a dream in the 13 year old Cliff. That dream drove me to stay in school until I achieved it.

Now, it’s going to begin with me. Will it begin with you?

By: Cliff Nsubuga, BUSN200 Facilitator