How to maximize your college experience.

College is a wonderful time to explore and   learn – not just hard skills – but just as importantly to learn what you really like doing and want to do.  the following are my general thoughts on how I think that you can maximize your college experience.

A)   Know a professor.  Develop a one-on-one professional relationship with at least one professor.  Learn about why they are interested in their discipline, try to do an in-depth project with them, as part of a class or independently. Do not limit this to OCB professors; but look broadly across UST.

B)   Participate in one or two activities on campus at UST. Student clubs, associations, teams….choose what appeals most to you.  There are lessons learned that you do not learn in the classroom.

A club or a team sport is an organization – organizations need leaders and grow leaders.  What you will learn in a leadership position – taking responsibility for some part of the operation is invaluable.

Clubs are also a way to explore new interest areas.

C)   Consider an off-campus experience.  If you can try to study abroad.

D)   Think strategically about work and intern experiences.

E)   Learn Excel!

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