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Taste of Love Bakery

One thing I love most about St. Paul is the countless coffee shops, pastry shops and bakeries in the area! Taste of Love Bakery just opened a new location within walking distance of St. Thomas and this is such a fun treat to reward yourself for working hard during these last few weeks of school. I don’t know about you, but I have a weakness when it comes to white cake donuts with frosting and sprinkles. The Taste of Love Bakery moto is “desserts from the heart,” and they definitely exceeded my expectations.

Check out the new Taste of Love Bakery location: 2042 Marshall Ave, St. Paul (Between Izzy’s and Choo Choo Bob’s)

Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm






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Miracles Do Happen

Thousands of people have been flocking to a southwest suburban parish of Chicago to see a present day miracle. Since July, tiny droplets of fragranced oil have been trickling down the icon of St. John the Baptist which is located in front of the altar at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Homer Glen.

People react differently to supernatural events such as this, and many believe this oil coming from the icon possesses healing properties and it may be a blessing from God. Events like this ultimately tend to draw people towards God.

The parish priest described the oil coming from the icon to be a breathtaking event. Rev. Sotirios “Sam” Dimitriou was quoted saying, “You don’t expect anything like this. It’s breathtaking. It’s so powerful to see such an act of God before your eyes.” The oil is sweet smelling and is trickling from the icon’s halo, wings, hands and beard. The excess oil is being collected in a reservoir of cotton at the base of the icon. Several cases of divine healing have already been reported. One man had a blocked artery which has been cleared and another has claimed to be cancer free. The priest himself had previously experienced blackouts caused by a nerve condition, and these blackouts have ceased since the oil has begin to flow from the icon, and Dimitrious has stopped taking his medication.

The church has received an overwhelming amount of visitors coming to firsthand experience this miracle and true phenomenon. The diocese states, “We are blessed to have this occurring at our parish in Homer Glen, Illinois.” The auxiliary bishop of the diocese chose not to comment to the Chicago Tribune on whether the phenomenon was a genuine miracle, saying, “We let the faithful believe it if they wish.” Bishop Demetrios added: “If it brings you closer to God that’s wonderful. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”


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St. Thomas Trending Five- Week of May 2nd 2016

1.) Earn Free Credits!!!

There is a new music elective that will be offered for Fall 2016 semester called Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble. The class will meet on Thursday evenings from 5:15-7:15 p.m. Students will learn to play and understand the basics of Javanese gamelan through hands-on experience of this traditional percussion orchestra of Indonesia music which is one of the great non-western music-making traditions. This course also will include Indonesian classical dance, shadow puppetry and broader cultural dimensions. Open to all students, there are no prerequisites required and students will earn one tuition free credit per ensemble each semester.

Registration is now open: CRN: 43157.

2.) The Health Care Continuum

Health care is rapidly evolving and changing for the better. In Minnesota, more people have access to care and Minnesota has long been a leader in health care collaboration and innovation. Barbara Luck ’00 M.B.C., talked with Penny Wheeler, M.D., CEO and president of Allina Health, to gauge what to expect, given her perspective as an obstetrics/gynecologist physician and leader of a major health system. Check out the article to hear what needs to be done to achieve affordability, hear about the impacts of partnerships and collaboration in health care, updates on future innovations, and key advice for future health care professionals.


Dr. Penny Wheeler, president and chief executive officer of Allina Health, poses for a portrait in Allina's Minneapolis offices March 4, 2016. Wheeler is joining the Opus College of Business board of governors. Taken for B. magazine.

3.) Five Observations From ‘Pope Francis and Leadership’

Bernard Hebda, who was recently appointed by Pope Francis as the archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, came to the St. Thomas campus last week to share his thoughts pertaining to the pope’s successful leadership style and the lessons that can be learned from it. Bernard Hebda goes into depth on the five observations of addressing major concerns through honest communication, meeting people where they are, honesty, transparency, humility, delegating and consulting others, and letting your life mirror your values.

I loved how these observations relate directly to both our professional and personal lives, as well as how we treat others. Check out the full article!


Archbishop-designate for St. Paul and Minneapolis Bernard Hebda smiles after speaking at the Tommie Catholic event in the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas April 19, 2016. Hebda delivered a keynote address on Pope Francis and Catholic Leadership before fielding questions from students. President Julie Sullivan is at center.

4.) This Year’s Commencement Speakers

Gradation is just around the corner, and St. Thomas is excited to announce the four commencement speakers for this spring’s graduations. The university will be awarding 1,944 undergraduate and graduate degrees. Natalie Hudson, who is a Minnesota Supreme Court justice will speak at the St. Thomas School of Law’s commencement. Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesotan elected U.S. senator in 2006, and again in 2012, will be speaking at the graduate-degree commencement. Alan Page, a Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle in the 1970s and a Minnesota Supreme Court justice from 1993-2015 will speak at the undergraduate-degree commencement. Penny Wheeler, a medical doctor and president and CEO of Allina Health will speak at the Opus College of Business’ graduate-degree commencement.

More details are available on the St. Thomas commencement website.

Students walk toward the graduate business commencement ceremony May 23, 2015 in the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex.

5.) Stress Less Relaxation Night

It is a busy and stressful time of the year with the last few weeks of classes and finals rapidly approaching. It’s important to take time for yourself and learn to relax. On Monday, May 2nd from 5:15-7:15 stop by the Wellness Center to learn relaxation rituals. The event will teach you a few 10-minute relaxation rituals, including: ayurveda dry skin brushing, chocolate meditation and self-kindness hypnosis. The brushes and chocolate will be free for you to enjoy and take home! This event is only open to the first 20 students, so please register in the link to sign up.


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I am a big fan of St. Thomas eXpress because as a busy college student, I am constantly on the go. I don’t have a meal plan, so if I want to eat anywhere on-campus, I can use my eXpress to pay for food or other things on-campus. Another perk of eXpress is it can be used at specific places off-campus as well. The eXpress Account works in a debit spending program way and is available to registered students, faculty, and staff.

10 places you didn’t know took eXpress off-campus:

1.) Chipotle

My personal favorite! Ford park Way and Cleveland (Highland).

2.) Coffee Bene

A great place for meeting or working on homework, plus everyone could use a little pick-me-up in their day! Cleveland and Grand, as well as the library location.

3.) Snuffy’s Malt Shop

Their malts are amazing! 244 Cleveland location.

4.) Sinclair Gas station

1745 Grand and 1345 Grand locations.

5.) CVS Pharmacy

Good to know especially when you are away from home. 1040 Grand and 810 Maryland Ave. locations.

6.) Davanni’s
Also a great place to meet up with others. Plus Davanni’s will deliver around campus! Cleveland and Grand location.

7.) Groveland Barber Shop

Great place to go and close to campus. 2028 St. Clair Ave.

8.) Noodles & Company

2110 Ford Parkway location.

9.) Pieology Pizza

2111 Ford Parkway.

10.) Widmer’s Supermarket

So great having a grocery store close by! 1936 St. Clair Ave.

The complete list of places on-campus and off-campus where eXpress is taken: https://www.stthomas.edu/cardoffice/expressaccount/

If you would like to start using eXpress, please visit the Tommie Card Office.

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What’s New in the Neighborhood

As college kids, we don’t have a lot of time to run out and get groceries. I was so sad when the Whole Foods in our St. Thomas neighborhood announced they were moving. However, Whole Foods moved within the neighborhood and their new location recently opened in March! Now located at 1575 Selby (on the corner of Selby and Snelling), the brand new Whole Foods is 45,231-square-feet, and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING inside. The best part about this is Whole Foods is about a half mile and in walking distance from St. Thomas.

Great deals:

Right now, Whole Foods is running a deal too good to pass up- $5 burger and fries from the Selby Bar & Grill inside of Whole Foods! I love a good hamburger, and seriously, these burgers are delicious! The coffee bar inside of Whole Foods is also running a special and now though May 10th it’s $3 medium lattes and $2 cold brews. Be sure to go on the Whole Foods website, app and look at the in-store coupons to save money on your groceries!






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Why not see Ireland a little bit while I’m here?

When I first decided to go abroad, I had a huge imagination of all the places in Europe that I would be able to see and I was so excited! It wasn’t until I got to the point of being over half way through my trip abroad that I realized that although I was in Ireland, I hadn’t really seen much of it (aside from the bus ride from Limerick to the Dublin airport of course). Once I realized this, I was awe struck because I’m here, I should want to see this country just as much, if not more than seeing the other countries in Europe!

Aran Islands

Aran Islands

It was because of this realization that I had, that aside from my trip to Greece (and now the last min. trip I booked to go to Paris tomorrow) I have spent the vast majority of April just exploring Ireland. And wow, I have no words for this country. Literally every corner of the country you go to is absolutely beautiful. I have been almost brought to tears in complete and total awe at how amazing God’s beauty is in this country. I seriously don’t think there is another country out there that is literally just beautiful from north to south, east to west (I could be a little biased with this one though, but probably not ).

Horse cart ride through Killarney National Park

Horse cart ride through Killarney National Park

The weekend after spring break, we took a day trip with our program to Killarney. We started the trip at the Killarney National Park, which was unbelievable. We got to take a horse cart ride through the park to the Torc Waterfall. Unfortunately we only had a little bit of time to spend at the waterfall and in the park in general because we had a full day planned for us. But, what we did see was absolutely incredible (how many times can I use that?! It doesn’t even do the place justice!!!) Once we were done at the park, we got to go into the town of Killarney for a few hours, and just like every other Irish town that I’ve seen, it was just so cute!

Torc Waterfall at Killarney National Park

Torc Waterfall at Killarney National Park

Two weeks ago, I went to Dingle (what a fun name I know!)! And wow I have no words for Dingle, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, the weather was perfect, the people were so nice, and it was just such a fun weekend! On Saturday morning, Bri and I went to the sports bar to get some homework done, and we ended up finding a bus (three buses actually) to Dingle and booking a hostel for us to stay in for that night.

Sunset over the harbor in Dingle

Sunset over the harbor in Dingle

Once we got to Dingle, we found our hostel and put all our stuff down and then just walked around the town. It was a Saturday evening, so must restaurants were pretty full, so we just walked around for a little while longer before eating. We went to the marina and got to see the sunset not only over the harbor, but over the mountains as well and that was breathtaking. To walk from out of town on one side of Dingle to the other side of out of town took less than 10 minutes, just to give prospective of how tiny the town was. But there was so much in that one mile (ish) perimeter of Dingle, that there was a lot to see.

Kayaking in Dingle with Bri

Kayaking in Dingle with Bri

On Sunday morning, we woke up early to walk around the town a little bit, and you would have thought it was 6:00 am (it was actually 9:00 am) by how empty the town was, but it was so peaceful. Around 9:30, we reported to Irish Adventures to go kayaking (the main reason we wanted to go to Dingle). Let me tell you, I have only kayaked a few times in my life (always in Green Bay up in Door County) but it was such a fun experience! We got wetsuits and little water shoes and everything. Our tour also ended up being a private tour for Bri and I because no one else signed up and also lasted almost five hours. We got to see the wild dolphin, Fungie, that lives in the harbor, got to go into a cave, and just see the peninsula from the water which was so amazing (of course)!! Dingle quickly made its way near the top of my list of all the places I’ve been this semester! ☺

Aran Islands

Aran Islands

This past weekend, we took our last AIFS trip (WHAT?! ), which was to the Aran Islands, which are off the coast of Gallway. Going into the trip, we were told that we just kind of had free time to do whatever we want, so I began to look up what there is to there. Much to my surprise, the only attractions on the entire island were stone walls, a giant lake, and beaches. This got me wondering what the heck I was supposed to do for two days, but low and behold it was an amazing trip. On Saturday, we took a bus to Doolin, where we met the ferry which took us to Inisheer, which is the island closest to the mainland of Ireland. It was probably one of the most beautiful days, weather wise, that I have experienced thus far while being in Ireland. The sun was high, jackets were not needed, and it was around 65 degrees.

Cliffs of Moher from Aran Islands

Cliffs of Moher from Aran Islands

Most of us decided to rent bikes for 10 euro and ride around the island, and that was probably the best 10 euro I’ve ever spent. We got the bikes for the entire afternoon and just rode around the island. The stone walls in most parts of the island were probably four feet tall or so, and in some of the plots of land there were cows or horses or sheep and one even had a ram in it. On one of the coasts of the island, there was a huge shipwreck that we found and explored which was so neat! Across the ocean from the shipwreck, you could see the Cliffs of Moher. That was a sight to see, let me tell you. Seeing the Cliffs is one thing that many people don’t get to see, but seeing them from across the ocean was unbelievable. Once we continued our bike ride, we found a light house, that’s still in mint condition because they still use it.

Ship wreck on Aran Islands

Ship wreck on Aran Islands

AIFS group in the Aran Islands (just missing a few people!)

AIFS group in the Aran Islands (just missing a few people!)

It was so fun to have that one last weekend with (most) of that AIFS group. It’s crazy that when we met in London just 3 and a half months ago, we were all complete strangers, and now I am leaving in less than three weeks with almost 40 new best friends!  I never expected to meet so many amazing people on this trip, and they have all impacted my life in such a way that I can’t even express into words. But now’s not the time to get all sappy (that’s for a later post ), because I still have 20 days left to spend time with these kids and enjoy the time I have left in Ireland.

Long story short, if you ever get the chance to go to Ireland you should. You could spend months here, traveling everyday, and although it isn’t a very big country, you probably still won’t see everything! I’m looking forward to a few more day trips to different spots around the country in the coming weeks as I conclude my experience here! ☺

Thanks for the pic Bri! No filter on this, that's how beautiful Ireland is!

Thanks for the pic Bri! No filter on this, that’s how beautiful Ireland is! (Picture taken in Dingle)


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USG Election Day is Here

Today is the big day! It’s the St. Thomas Undergraduate Student Government election day! Please take the time to vote, because your opinion truly does matter here at St. Thomas.

Voting will take place from April 26th-28th, each student will be sent an email with voting instructions. Then on May 1st at the USG meeting, the new council will be sworn in. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Luke Jaeger (jaeg0012@stthomas.edu).

What is USG? Undergraduate Student Government is dedicated to advocating student concerns. Comprised of 40 representatives from students organizations and each class, the USG council members work with faculty, staff, administration, and other students in an effort to promote positive change and foster the St. Thomas identity.

Below is a link that gives an overview of each of the candidates running for the different positions.



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St. Thomas Trending Five- Week of April 25th 2016

1.) Business: The Rules of Engagement

Check out the piece on global business regarding the best way to navigate and respond in situations of business ethics. The article touches on the situation of Cargill, a global corporation headquartered in Minnesota, regarding the concern for ethics in business. It also goes on to talk about the book “Ethical Business Cultures in Emerging Markets,” which will be published in 2017 and was co-edited by Douglas Jondle, Ph.D., director of research for the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the Opus College of Business. It’s fascinating to learn about the importance of relationships and a global climate change.

http://www.stthomas.edu/news/the-rules-of-engagement/ (Copy link into browser)

Douglas Jondle, left, research director at the Center for Ethical Business Cultures at the University of St. Thomas (CEBC) and Ron James, right, president and CEO of CEBC, pose for a portrait in Schulze Hall on March 1, 2016 in downtown Minneapolis.

2.) Unite Day of Prayer

Join more than 10,000 people- all generations, all denominations, all backgrounds- for a night to UNITE! Mark your calendars for May 5th  for the Unite Day of Prayer! This is a free event and open to all St. Thomas students. Buses will depart from the Flynn Turnaround at 5:45 pm and will return at 10:15pm.

Please register here if you plan to attend. More information can be found here.


unite image 2

3.) St. Thomas Community Reacts to Prince’s Death

It’s been all over the news in the past couple of days, and it’s time to hear some of the Tommie’s reactions to the death of Minnesota’s own Prince. Check out some of the reactions from St. Thomas students, faculty and staff react to the death of pop superstar Prince.


4.) The Countdown Begins

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching!! With three weeks of classes and then finals week left, the spring 2016 semester is coming to a close. Get in all that extra studying and push through these last few weeks.

5.) Self-Defense 101

Safety should never be taken for granted, and to increase your personal safety, Public Safety Officer Wells will be leading a brief class on the basics of self-defense. Join us this Thursday, April 28th in ASC 341 for introductory self-defense moves and free lunch!

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St. Thomas Trending Five- Week of April 18th 2016


1.) “In Depth with President Sullivan”

President Julie Sullivan joins reporter Noura Elmanssy to talk about St. Thomas’ rebranding campaign on In Depth with TommieMedia.


Interested in talking to President Julie Sullivan?

Appointments for the president’s May office hours are available between 2-4 p.m. on Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses on the following dates:

Monday, May 2, in Terrence Murphy Hall, Room 289

Tuesday, May 3, in Aquinas Hall, Room 100

2.) Farewell to Father Rutten.

After 9 years of of service and dedication to St. Thomas as Director of Campus Ministry, we bid a cordial farewell to Father Erich Rutten. There will be a reception held on Tuesday, May 3, from 3:30-4:30pm in the Anderson Student Center. Please join us in appreciation for all of Father Rutten’s service to St. Thomas. Father Rutten has accepted a new position from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Father Erich Rutten, director of campus ministry at the University of St. Thomas, talks outside following the funeral mass of Monsignor James Lavin at the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas on September 21, 2012.

Father Erich Rutten, director of campus ministry at the University of St. Thomas, talks outside following the funeral mass of Monsignor James Lavin at the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas on September 21, 2012.

3.) Learn more about the modern workplace in a Q&A with Jennifer Finkelson of Aveda.

With internships and jobs right around the corner, the questions of, “What experiences and skills matter most when it comes to landing a position?” The St. Thomas Graduate Business Career Services team seeks answers to this question by talking to our recruiters, founders, business owners and C-level executives about the qualifications and skills they think make potential employees stand out and get noticed.

Check out this month’s edition with Jennider Finkelson!



4.) 12-game winning streak!

The St. Thomas baseball team is currently on a 12-game winning streak and currently hold a record of 19-3. Come support the Tommies for their home game this Wednesday versing the No. 9-ranked UW-LaCrosse at 1:00pm. The Tommies with also be home again on Saturday to face Carleton in an MIAC twinbill (1:00 pm).


5.) Cadenza and the Summit Singers!

You don’t want to miss Cadenza and the Summit Singers! Mark your calendars for the Cadenza and Summit Singers concert coming up on Thursday, April 28, 8pm on the Library 2nd floor. Everyone is welcome!


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Landing an Internship

When I set my mind on something, I don’t back down easily. I have made it my goal to land an internship this summer in the Twin Cities. I am currently a Business Marketing major at St. Thomas who is involved on campus, has on campus jobs, volunteer experience, and prior internship experience. When a person looks at my resume, I like to show them that I am a well-rounded person who is a hard worker and passionate about what I do. One of the most challenging aspects about being a sophomore in the internship process is your application is often times weeded out by older candidates even though experience and personality of the two candidates may be relatively comparable. In the end, I applied to 17 internships. All of these internships I found from all the St. Thomas job and internship posting page. This is a valuable resource that allows employers to contact directly with St. Thomas students, be sure to take advantage of this website!!!

I didn’t know too much about the job and internship process prior to starting my search, but let me tell you, I have learned a lot in the past couple of weeks.

What I learned/ Tips:

1.) Don’t get too stressed out in the beginning. When I first started my search, there was literally only one internship that I could apply to. I honestly didn’t realize so many more would open up. New postings are listed each day. Keep checking the St. Thomas job and internship postings on a regular basis.

2.) Have your resume cleaned up and polished before you begin the process. The Career Development Center on campus does an excellent job of looking over your resume and helping revise areas which may need additional work.

3.) Have a template developed for your cover letter, emails and thank you notes/emails to employers. This will save you time in the long run.

4.) Practice interviewing. The Career Development Center also will do practice interviews with you. Practice truly does help, because you want to feel comfortable and prepared when going into interviews.

5.) Brush up on your etiquette skills. When contacting business professionals, you cannot email or call in the same mannerism that you do with your friends. I researched the proper way to communicate companies, and even learned important tips for phone etiquette and simple things such as arriving early, proper handshakes and the right amount of “small talk.”

6.) Be organized. I learned that it worked best to keep a master document listing all the companies and positions I was applying for. Under each of the companies I had a basic timeline of my communication which each of these companies. This helped me keep straight if I had heard back from companies, as well as giving me an idea if I needed to do any additional follow ups. It’s also a good idea to have a document for each company you are applying to. Within that document I had the company’s name, the position I was applying to, the contact I have been talking to, research on the company, questions I had for the company and any additional thoughts or notes from my interactions with this company.

7.) Research. You will need to research the companies before hand. It looks bad to go into a phone interview or interview and know absolutely nothing about the company you are applying to.

8.) The STAR format. When asked to tell about a situation in the past, I found that it was helpful to answer the question using this format. State the SITUATION. Talk about the TASK. ACTION of what you did. Finally, talk about the RESULT. Employers were impressed with my ability to fully answer questions which were backed up by examples.

9.) First impressions are important. You will never get the chance of a first impression again. The first thing that a company sees about you, even before you say a word, is how you are dressed. You need to dress professional. This is simple enough, but you may also want to look up the proper way to dress up, such as tie length, or for girls what business clothes actually are (and no, your favorite pair of black leggings doesn’t count). I learned that it was key to buy basic business pieces such as a black blazer, black dress pants and black flats that I could mix and match with pieces I already owned. Also prior to the interview process, I got my hair cut and brushed up on makeup skills.

10.) Gratitude. In the end, if you don’t end up landing an internship, be grateful for all that you learned along the way. These are skills that you will use for your entire life, and think of this just as more practice.