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2017j-termbookclubweb2017 J-Term Book Club

“The Distance Between Us”

by Reyna Grande

Please join the Student Diversity & Inclusion Services for our 11th Annual J-Term Book Club

Date & Time:

Thursdays, January 5, 12, 19 & 26 Noon ASC Woulfe North

Week Two Discussion Questions


  • What are the key events that happened in chapters 12-20?
  • Describe your reaction when Mami told Reyna and her siblings that she was leaving to Acapulco.
  • How did Reyna, Mago and Carlos change after their mother left to Acapulco?
  • Discuss your response to the children’s reaction when they saw their father for the first time after 8 years. How was the father’s relationship with Reyna different from his relationship with Reyna’s other siblings?
  • Describe your reaction to Reyna and her family’s attempt to cross the border.

 Week One Discussion Questions

  • Before reading ‘The Distance Between Us’, what were your perspectives on immigration? What stereotypes exist when it comes to immigration? Has your perspective change after reading the book thus far? Why?
  • What are the key events that happened in the first 11 chapters?
  • How do Reyna and her two siblings’ views on El Otro Lado compare to those of the adults in the book?
  • Discuss your response to the children’s reaction when they saw their mother for the first time after two-and-a-half-years? How would you react?
  • After coming back from El Otro Lado, how has Reyna’s mother changed? What caused this change?
  • How does Abuela Evila treat Reyna, Mago and Carlos? What were her reasons for treating them that way?

Please feel free to leave comments/answers to the questions. We will share with others at our next meeting.


Reyna Grande will be coming to campus for a lecture and book discussion in March 2017.

More details to follow!

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