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Guitar Ensemble in Great Hall, Dec 6 at 3:45 pm

Join us for an afternoon of beautiful music in the second floor Great Hall of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library!   Enjoy the sounds of the University of St. Thomas Guitar Ensemble under the direction of Joan Griffith.  Classical, Latin, and Jazz will be embellished with holiday music to brighten your day.

This is an informal concert – all are welcome – you are free to do your homework while you listen!

We will look for you at 3:45 pm in the Great Hall on Tuesday afternoon, December 6.

Refreshments will be provided and of course the concert is free and open to all!

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Come as You Are! Tuesday, Dec 6 at noon in the Library


Hosted by Chris Kachian, Ph.D., guitarist and professor of music and Shelly Nordtorp-Madson, Ph.D., chief curator and a member of the clinical faculty in the Department of Art History, noonartsound is the library series that blends musical performance and historical perspective over a Tuesday noon-hour, six times a year.

You are all welcome and invited to the Tuesday, December 6 noonartsound presentation, Come As You Are!  Shelly Nordtorp-Madson, will share her expertise in the art of just showing up! and the Show’d Up Band will perform.  We never know for sure who will show up to play, but their bluegrass inspired music is always delightful.

Refreshments are provided – we look forward to seeing you at this change of pace noon-hour lunch break!


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Explore Difficult Topics

Check out these library resources as we struggle to learn about and find solutions for the difficulties Americans are currently facing.what-do-you-think

Kanopy Streaming: Search by subject and find videos on Politics, the Media, Race, Class, Gender, LGBT issues, and more.

CQ Magazine: The CQ news team includes more than 100 reporters, editors, and researchers that cover virtually every act of Congress, delivering nonpartisan news and analysis. Get in-depth reports on issues looming on the congressional horizon, plus a complete wrap up the previous week’s news, including the status of bills in play, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, committee and floor activity, debates and all roll-call votes.

CQ Researcher: Find original information on health care, criminal justice, political and social trends, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the economy. Each report includes an overview; background and chronology on the topic; an assessment of the current situation; tables and maps; pro/con statements from representatives of opposing positions; and bibliographies of key sources.

Issues & Controversies: Explore timely, in-depth, and objective articles on topics such as politics, government, business, education, and popular culture. Updated weekly, this resource includes links to news coverage, pros and cons statements, timelines, statistics, and more.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context: A one-stop source for information on a variety of social issues. Access viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, links to websites, as well as full-text magazine and newspaper articles.

Facts on File World News Digest: Find daily news stories of current events from around the world. This resource covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940. Search by story in the title index; browse by decade, country or issue. Also includes an Encyclopedia, Almanac and curriculum tools. Watch for Historic Documents link in special features to find older materials.

Access World News: Contains the full-text of thousands of national and international newspapers and other news sources, as well as Special Reports such as this one on the 2016 presidential election. Conduct a global search of all newspapers, or choose newspapers within a region, or even within an individual country. When searching for newspapers in North America, drill down to sources within a state, and in some cases down to smaller town newspapers. Includes foreign language newspapers, campus news, tv news transcripts, and business news.

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Treasures from the Rare Book Collection – The Lapidary of King Alfonso X


The Rare Books collection contains a number of facsimlies of medieval manuscripts.  One of the most unusual is the Lapidario del rey d. Alfonso X , a photo-chromo lithograph of a medieval lapidary.

A lapidary is “treatise on (precious) stones.”  Works such as this were popular in the Middle Ages when many people believed that certain gems held inherent powers and the wealthy accumulated jewels to store and transport capital.




Commissioned by King Alfonso X of Castille and Leon, a group of Jewish scholars translated this work from an Arabic texts into the Castilian language. The content of the manuscript is different from more common lapidaries of the time in that it discusses the relationships between specific stones and the planets and other astrological bodies.  The work is divided by the Signs of the Zodiac with the various medicinal and magical properties of a stone (as it relates to a specific astrological sign) described and illustrated.



For more information on the UST Libraries rare books and manuscripts collections see our website.

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Technical Difficulties – Gale

galePlease note that our Gale resources are having a bit of trouble connecting and/or staying connected.  This is especially going to cause problems when you are trying to access them from off-campus. If this is a Gale emergency, please come into the library where the librarian can help you strip out the proxy prefix and connect directly. Sadly, this can only be done on campus.  The most common error you’ll see is  about a CONNECTION RESET. Other browsers may have other errors. Our best success for access has been Chrome.

Rest assured we are working with Gale to fix the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience, and as always, if you have a question, please ASK US.

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Service Interruptions – Saturday, Oct. 29

This Saturday, Oct. 29 the GET IT function and the Journal A-Z list will not be available or intermittently available.

These services will be completely unavailable 11am-12pm-ish for us in Central Time, and expected intermittent problems from 5-6pm.  However, please know that these services may be unstable all day long.

Summon and direct linking will not be impacted. However, any resource NOT using direct linking, but using the GET IT (even a behind-the-scenes GET IT functionality) may not work.



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Noonartsound: Traditional Jazz and Art Deco – November 1

art-deco-and-guitarnoonartsound, a series of fun, informative and beautiful musical performances with historical perspectives,  offers a delightful way to enjoy your lunch break.

The programs are held from noon to 1 p.m. in the O’Shaughnessy Room (Rm 108) of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library.

Free and open to all, noonartsound is hosted by Shelly Nordtorp-Madson, Ph.D., chief curator and a member of the clinical faculty in the Department of Art History, and Chris Kachian, Ph.D., guitarist and professor of music.

November’s featured musician will be Joan Griffith – performer, composer, teacher.

About this month’s noonartsound:

The Art:  “Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, was made up of numerous styles, some directly in opposition.  However, the driving force was modernity. It took the form of smooth, shiny, almost space-age motifs and lines.  From the Ballet Russe to movie theaters built from the 20s through the 40s,  Art Deco is instantly recognizable, if not easily described.  This slide-illustrated lecture will explore the decorative arts, the clothing, and the painting  that formed the visual vocabulary, or the jazz, that formed modern society.”               – Shelly Nordtorp-Madson

The Sound:   You’ll hear Joan Griffith and Chris Kachian play traditional jazz by composers Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, and Cole Porter

Bring your lunch if you wish – we’ll provide beverage and dessert!

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Simmons OneView trial

We now have a trial for Simmons OneView – just click OK when it says we have no challenge question.) Simmons is a database of consumer demographic information (formerly known as the Simmons Study of Media and Markets); it provides national survey data from the Simmons National Consumer Study and the National Hispanic Consumer Study. These studies include demographic and psychographic characteristics, including attitudes and shopping habits, of product users. They have several YouTube tutorials; a good one to start with is “Create, Export & Save a CrossTab.”

We are comparing this to MRI University Reporter. A big difference between them is that unlike MRI, Simmons OneView has no “canned” reports. Users can choose their variables, which makes it more powerful, but there is more of a learning curve.

Our trial to Simmons OneView runs through November 17. Please send your comments on this resource to Marianne Hageman.


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Treasures from the Rare Books Collections : The Book of Common Prayer (1904)

Another beautiful book found in the UST Library’s Rare Books collection is authorized American edition of The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, & other rites & ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Church of England published by M. Walter Dunne in 1904.  This edition is a replica of the English edition of this title published in 1903 by the Essex House Press.



The Essex House Press was founded by C R Ashbee (who also ran the Guild of Handicraft).   After William Morris’s death,  Ashbee bought the Kelmscott Press’s Albion printing presses and employed one of the Kelmscott’s compositors to work for him. This private press captured the sentiment of the Arts and Crafts movement that ‘art was for the people’ and that it was created ‘by the people’ to beautify their own lives.



The masterpiece of the Essex House Press was the Book of Common Prayer which was produced to celebrate the coming to the throne of King Edward VII.  Ashbee designed the type used within the volume  and drew the illustrations used throughout the work.  The wood block illustrations were cut by the artists Clemence Housman and W. H. Hooper.

For more information on the UST Libraries rare books and manuscripts collections see our website.

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APA Style Central Trial

APA Style Central

Using the APA Style Publication Manual, but have tons of questions about headings, in-text citations, writing style, references or where to publish your brilliant work? Here’s the all-in answer for you. We’re trialing APA Style Central!



student assignments




journal information

and links into the APA Publication Guide.

Please play around in APA Style Central. Tutorials help you find support for your teaching and publishing, as well as for your students’ writing.

Do you think this will be helpful to you for publication purposes? Or for our students to help them in writing papers and in understanding APA Style?

Let Merrie Davidson know if you have any questions or comments.

Trial ends 11/2/2016