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noonartsound: Music as Metaphor for Leadership – April 4 in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library

Michael Klein, Justice and Peace Studies faculty member.

You are all invited to the library’s April 4 noonartsound presentation:  Music as Metaphor for Leadership!    Join us at noon in the O’Shaughnessy Room, where Mike Klein will demonstrate how the close collaboration evidenced  by our own St. Thomas a capella singers provides a model for leadership.  Enjoy the conversations, the music, and the insights.  With the help of singers from the ever popular Cadenza and Summit Singers, it promises to be a note-worthy offering!

As Summit Singers president, Alex Noto explains, “leadership in a capella music requires a focused collaboration to make each song complete.  Each member of our group takes the responsibility to perfect his own role and blend it with the others.  If any part goes missing, the performance may not be successful.”

Invite your friends – all are welcome – cake and coffee will be provided.

The Summit Singers

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Donate your Books to the Library Week Book Sale

Happy Spring!!

Are you ready to box up those books you used to love but don’t want any more?

Please consider donating them to the Library Week Used Book Sale.

Library Week Book Sale will be Monday – Thursday, April 10 – 13 – Noon to 6pm in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, Room 108!!

Book donations will be accepted at the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Circulation Desk any time:  now through Friday, April 7

Thank you very much!!

Our Book Sale Shoppers especially love:

Novels, Mysteries, Literature, Hobbies, Pets, Self-Help, Cookbooks, Art, Music, Children’s Books, Summer Beach Reading, DVDs!

(No textbooks, please)

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Digitalia Films Library

The UST Libraries is pleased to announce the new subscription to Digitalia Films Library (video streaming database). The database with more than 900 titles, is a multilingual, multi-national collection of movies and documentaries from Spain, France, other European countries, North America (Classic) and Latin America (especially Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Brazil). Among the subjects included in the documentaries are archeology, history, nature, arts, and more. The entire collection is available via any computer on campus or from your home computer.
Note: To activate the English subtitles please click under the CC icons

If you have questions about this streaming film collection or any other video or music streaming collection, please feel free to contact Cindy Badilla-Meléndez, Media/Music Resources Librarian at

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Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Celtic Collection!

Join the Department of Special Collections and the Center for Irish Studies in celebrating 100th Anniversary of the founding of  Celtic Collection.  This celebration will be a part of our annual St. Patrick’s Day Open House to be held Tuesday, March 14th from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm in the Special Collections Department (LL09 O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library).  In addition to a display of some of the treasures from the collection, a short program featuring Irish poetry will be held at 12:15 pm.

(image from The Fair Hills of Ireland by Stephen Gwynn, Maunsel Press, 1906)

The Celtic Collection can trace its origin to a September 1916 vote by the Minnesota chapter of the Ancient Order of Hibernians to provide funds to establish an Irish Library at the College of St. Thomas.  From this initial gift of $600, the collection has grown to over 14,000 volumes containing significant materials related to Irish local history and antiquities, folklore, art, music, Irish language and literature and modern Irish poetry.

(image from The Irish Fairy Book by Alfred P. Graves, T.F. Unwin, 1909.)

  For more information on the UST Libraries rare books and manuscripts collections see our website.

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March 1 noonartsound highlights Native American culture and music

Dr. Robert J. Werner, Professor Emeritus

Dan Gjelten, Associate Vice Provost for University Libraries

All are invited to noonartsound on Wednesday, March 1, at noon in the O’Shaughnessy Room of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library.  This month’s talk features the Culture of the Dakota and Contemporary Native American Music.

Dr. Robert J. Werner, Professor Emeritus, will speak about one of Minnesota’s principal Native groups: the Dakota;  their migrations, history, culture and music.   Dan Gjelten, Associate Vice Provost for University Libraries, will introduce themes and sounds heard in the music of the Plains Native Americans and several well-known artists.

We look forward to this conversation and hope you will join us at noon on March 1.

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Jim Rogers’ Irish-American Autobiography reading & book signing, Feb 28 at Noon

The O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library will host a book-signing and reading from noon to 1pm on Tuesday, February 28 with author James Silas Rogers, director of the university’s Center for Irish Studies.  All are welcome!

Rogers will read from his recently published Irish-American Autobiography:  The Divided Hearts of Athletes, Priests, Pilgrims, and More.  Refreshments will be served and books will be available for purchase.

Praise for Jim Rogers and his Irish-American Autobiography:

“Any study of Irish Americans telling tales about themselves is bound to encounter some blather, some blarney.  James Silas Rogers sorts through it all in this delightful collection of smart essays.  From the angels and the saints to Ralph Kramden and Frank McCourt, he understands the voices that define, and embellish, Irish-American life.”   – Alice McDermott, novelist and National Book Award winner

“Rogers draws on a richly varied assembly of autobiographies to offer a dynamic portrait of Irish-American identity and experience.  Combining expert historical insight with fine-trained textual analysis, this important study challenges us to revisit our preconceptions about this often misunderstood community.  A sparkling achievement.”   – Liam Harte, University of Manchester, editor of A History of Irish Autobiography and Modern Irish Autobiography:  Self, Nation and Society.

Author, James Silas Rogers

Jim Rogers, 63, is the director of St. Thomas’ Center for Irish Studies.  For the past 12 years he has edited its quarterly journal of Irish studies, New Hibernia Review, considered a journal of record for Irish studies scholars and the only Irish studies quarterly in North America.  He began his professional career in Irish studies with the Irish American Cultural Institute in 1983.  He has a bachelor of arts degree in Irish studies from Metropolitan State University and a master of arts in English from St. Thomas.  He has served as president of the American Conference for Irish Studies and in 2011 received the Curtin-Conway Award from the Minnesota Irish Fair.  Rogers, who has published and lectured widely on Irish-American literature and culture, is the author of a chapbook of poems, Sundogs, and his 2015 book, Northern Orchards: Places Near the Dead.

From the webpage of the distributor of  Rogers’ book,  “Irish-American Autobiography is the story of a continued search for connection—documenting an “ethnic fade” that never quite happened.”

We look forward to hearing Jim talk about his book and hope you will join us.  You’ll find him in the O’Shaughnessy Room, Room 108.



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Exhibit of 2017 Photo Contest Winners in Library’s Coffee Shop

Nick Hable’s 1st place winning photo in the Tommies Abroad category

The 2017 Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest Winning photos are on display in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library’s Coffee Bené gallery.  Students who had previously spent a semester or J-Term abroad were invited to submit photos documenting their time while studying in various host countries

Photos were submitted and judged in four categories:  Sense of Place, Global Classroom, Tommies Abroad, and Most Epic Selfie.   Winners from the first three categories are displayed now thanks to Allison Beardsley, Study Abroad Graduate Assistant. 

Read on for complete article and slideshow.

Congratulations, study abroad students, on your beautiful photographs and the many memories they will provide you for years to come.  Thank you for sharing them with us!   

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Meditative Prayer Walk in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, January 12


All are invited to experience The Labyrinth – A Meditative Prayer Walk on Thursday afternoon, January 12, 2017.  Following a J-term Aquinas Honors seminar in Contemplative Practices that will be using the labyrinth that morning, Professor Susan Stabile has graciously offered to make the Labyrinth available for anyone to experience.  Come to the second floor of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library between 11:30am and 2:30pm and she will help you get started on this meditative prayer walk and answer any of your questions.

Taken from the class handout:  The Labyrinth is an ancient tool for prayer and meditation, consisting of a winding path that begins at the periphery always leading to a central space, and then out again by the same path.  A Labyrinth is unlike a maze in that it has no blind alleys or dead ends.  There are no tricks or short cuts.  The path winds throughout and becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives.  It touches our sorrows and releases our joys.

We hope you will consider taking time out of your day’s work and activities to learn more about the Labyrinth and experience this spiritual journey.

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Lock it up in the Library!

Library student workers Lorna Nakabuye and Sarah Kamba Binamu demonstrate the great feeling patrons get when their valuables are stored safely in a free locker at the library circulation desk.

Library student workers Lorna Nakabuye and Sarah Kamba Binamu demonstrate the great feeling patrons get when their valuables are stored safely in a free locker at the library circulation desk.

Don’t let the haste and stress of the last weeks of the semester lead to the loss of your valuables.    You don’t need to lug everything when you go to class, or take a break to eat – there are free lockers for you to use in the library.

Bring your books, laptops, other possessions to the library circulation desk and request a free locker.

Your belongings will be kept safe until you return.