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Database Highlights & Trials

Database Highlights & Trials

Technical Difficulties – Gale

galePlease note that our Gale resources are having a bit of trouble connecting and/or staying connected.  This is especially going to cause problems when you are trying to access them from off-campus. If this is a Gale emergency, please come into the library where the librarian can help you strip out the proxy prefix and connect directly. Sadly, this can only be done on campus.  The most common error you’ll see is  about a CONNECTION RESET. Other browsers may have other errors. Our best success for access has been Chrome.

Rest assured we are working with Gale to fix the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience, and as always, if you have a question, please ASK US.

Database Highlights & Trials

Service Interruptions – Saturday, Oct. 29

This Saturday, Oct. 29 the GET IT function and the Journal A-Z list will not be available or intermittently available.

These services will be completely unavailable 11am-12pm-ish for us in Central Time, and expected intermittent problems from 5-6pm.  However, please know that these services may be unstable all day long.

Summon and direct linking will not be impacted. However, any resource NOT using direct linking, but using the GET IT (even a behind-the-scenes GET IT functionality) may not work.



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Simmons OneView trial

We now have a trial for Simmons OneView – just click OK when it says we have no challenge question.) Simmons is a database of consumer demographic information (formerly known as the Simmons Study of Media and Markets); it provides national survey data from the Simmons National Consumer Study and the National Hispanic Consumer Study. These studies include demographic and psychographic characteristics, including attitudes and shopping habits, of product users. They have several YouTube tutorials; a good one to start with is “Create, Export & Save a CrossTab.”

We are comparing this to MRI University Reporter. A big difference between them is that unlike MRI, Simmons OneView has no “canned” reports. Users can choose their variables, which makes it more powerful, but there is more of a learning curve.

Our trial to Simmons OneView runs through November 17. Please send your comments on this resource to Marianne Hageman.


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APA Style Central Trial

APA Style Central

Using the APA Style Publication Manual, but have tons of questions about headings, in-text citations, writing style, references or where to publish your brilliant work? Here’s the all-in answer for you. We’re trialing APA Style Central!



student assignments




journal information

and links into the APA Publication Guide.

Please play around in APA Style Central. Tutorials help you find support for your teaching and publishing, as well as for your students’ writing.

Do you think this will be helpful to you for publication purposes? Or for our students to help them in writing papers and in understanding APA Style?

Let Merrie Davidson know if you have any questions or comments.

Trial ends 11/2/2016

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Trial – eMarketer

This month we are trialing a marketing and advertising resource called eMarketer. It provides market data, statistics, and analysis including trends in e-business, mobile, social media, and online advertising. The data can be used to look at consumer behavior and market size. eMarketer includes articles, analyst reports, and statistical tables which can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis.


This trial runs through 10/27/2016. Please send your comments on this resource to Marianne Hageman.

Database Highlights & Trials

Start with Summon

Welcome to a new school year. Please note that Summon is now the default search. You can search


and 85 other types of library content.

Despite the announcement on August 25 that Summon wasn’t working on iOS. That has been fixed. Summon works just fine on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and anything else that’s out there.

If you EVER have any problems using ANY library resource, please ask us.  We’re here to help you have a successful, not stressful, year.


Database Highlights & Trials

Summon not available for iOS

We are very sorry to report that there is a glitch in the system somewhere and Summon is not working on iOS products. The company we get Summon from is aware of the problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully things will right themselves soon. Please use Summon from a laptop or desktop until this is resolved. Thanks. And again, sorry.

Database Highlights & Trials

Big Day for Thomas Aquinas

AquinasThe UST Libraries just added the Collected Works of Thomas Aquinas (Electronic Edition) to our collection. If you can believe it, this title was available on CD-Rom before now. I’m happy to report that, like nearly everything else in the known world, it has been made available on the web for your 24/7 viewing pleasure.  And as an added bonus, if you were to require some help in interpreting the works of Thomas Aquinas, we’ve also just added the Oxford Handbook of Aquinas, which is one of 64 titles included the new Oxford Handbooks of Philosophy collection.

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The UST Libraries is pleased to announce the new subscription to Medici.TV. A streaming video music database covering over 1,500 films in high definition with the best of classical music from Baroque to Contemporary music, including: concerts, operas, ballets, archival documents, portraits of artists and composers, master classes, conductors in rehearsals. Over 100 live broadcast every year from leading concert halls and classical music festivals.

Access to these films through the Library Catalog CLICnet, or you can go through this link Medici.TV . To watch a performance click on the “picture.” .

If you have questions about this streaming film collection, please feel free to contact Cindy Badilla-Meléndez, Media/Music Resources Librarian at


Database Highlights & Trials

Proquest Planned Outage

On Saturday March 12, all ProQuest products will be unavailable from 9 p.m. and will last for 8 hours.

During this time, access to the ProQuest products listed below will not be available, and users will be redirected to a web page explaining the scheduled maintenance.

Research databases

  • ProQuest platform databases
  • ProQuest Congressional


  • Dissertations Express
  • PQDT Open

Research tools

  • RefWorks
  • Pivot

Bibliographic and catalog enrichment services

  • Books in Print
  • ProQuest Syndetic Solutions