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Database Highlights & Trials

Database Highlights & Trials

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES – Political Risk Yearbook

RESOLVED! We have reports from our colleagues in the field that this problem has been resolved. If you experience otherwise, please let us know.


For those of you in the international business law class looking for Political Risk Yearbook, I have bad news and good news. First the bad news… Political Risk Yearbook is not working from off-campus. I’ve contacted the vendor and they are experiencing problems on their end. A few other university libraries reported the same problem yesterday. I am working with the vendor tech support to resolve the problem. In the meantime, the good news… We have Political Risk Yearbook available in Business Source Premier.  Here’s how you get there:

Go to Business Source Premier




Type in your country’s name and then limit to PUBLICATION TYPE/COUNTRY REPORT


In the list of results you’ll see many different types of country reports, but the Political Risk Yearbook report should be near the top of results.


I’ll update this post when I get good news from the vendor. Sorry about the hassle.

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Do you Summon?

Hi Students! As your research is gearing up this semester, we have a question for you:

Do you Summon?

Summon is a Google-like search tool here at UST Libraries, and you can use it just like you’d use Google…Go ahead and search our databases, book catalog, video collection, and more – all at once!

We know your professors ask you to find specific types of resources for assignments.  With Summon, you can easily filter for peer-reviewed articles, items published in a particular time range, and more.  Even better, it automatically refers you to a relevant UST librarian if you need more help!

Watch the short video below for more great tips and hints about using Summon, and (as always), Happy Searching!

YouTube Preview Image
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Trial – JoVE Chemistry Section

Attention UST Chemists! 

This February, we are taking a closer look at the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)’s Chemistry Section

For those of you uninitiated, JoVE is a unique resource that not only provides scientific papers, but includes videos of the experiments they involve.

The entire list of Chemistry Section titles is available for browsing, and about 10% of the content is available for viewing if you’d like to see an example. We already subscribe to the Biology Section, so much of that is also available.

Here are direct links to some of the sample Chemistry Section videos available (there are a more sprinkled throughout the collection, too – feel free to ask me for a complete list).

Please let us know what you think! Send questions or comments to Laura Hansen (

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Benezit Dictionary of Artists

The Benezit Dictionary of Artists is now available online for the first time via Oxford Art Online. With nearly 170,000 entries on artists from antiquity to the present day and featuring regular updates, Benezit is one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources on artists in the English language. Entries are clear and concise, and Benezit contains thousands of auction records, museum holdings, and bibliographies. In addition to its outstanding scope and depth, two features in particular make Benezit unique among art reference works: its superb coverage of obscure artists and the inclusion of images of artists’ signatures, monograms, and stamps.

Key Features of Benezit Include:

  • Nearly 170,000 entries on artists from the first English edition (2006), the largest edition to date, plus revisions and new biographies exclusively available online
  • More than 11,000 images of artists signatures, monograms, and stamps of sale
  • Detailed museum listings, bibliographies, exhibition information, and auction records
  • Ability to view Benezit results separately or alongside Grove Art and other Oxford art reference works
  • Comprehensive coverage on artists across all media, from painters and sculptors to calligraphers, ceramicists, illustrators, installation artists, and performance artists
  • Updated three times per year to reflect new scholarship, additions to the bibliographies, and corrections – concurrent with Grove Art updates

Please contact Kate Burke with your comments

Database Highlights & Trials

No Access to SRDS Media Solutions from Dec. 24-29

SRDS Media Solutions will experience a planned downtime affecting their online services during the winter break. Beginning at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 24, they will perform scheduled network infrastructure and security maintenance that will cause SRDS services on the web to be unavailable until Monday, Dec. 29. During the outage, they will post any updates to Twitter @SRDS. Check-in there to keep up-to-date on when everything is back up and running.

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General Science Collection is now more specific

Generageneralsciencel Science Collection is a database of full-text of science journals. It is provided free from the state through the Electronic Library of Minnesota (ELM).  I am pleased to announce that the product has become far less general and far more peer-reviewed.  What was a database of mostly general science magazines has now become a database of mostly peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the sciences.  When you search the results default to full text academic journals. You can narrow those results to peer-reviewed journals only, or only magazines, news and even  videos.

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IBISWorld – now covering more of the world

Those of you who use IBISWorld probably use it to look up US industry information. I’m pleased to announce that IBISWorld now covers more of the world. Sure, you can still use it as your go-to for US industry information, but we’ve expanded our subscription to include

  • U.S. Specialized Industry Reports
  • Canada Industry Reports
  • China Industry Reports
  •  Global Industry Research Reports

americancanada china

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Oxford is Fixed (Encyclopedia of Social Work)

I’m so pleased to report that the error message of maximum number of users reached on our various Oxford University Press products has been fixed. Those of you looking for articles from the Encyclopedia of Social Work can breath a sigh of relief. It took about a week for Oxford’s tech support to fix this problem, but it’s all good now.  Please let me know if you experience any problems ( or have any questions or comments.

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Let’s examine the PROs and CONs

There seems to be a bit of buzz around pros and cons lately. For those of you with this assignment, take a look at:proscon

These three databases all kinda work the same way. They cover multiple sides (pros and cons) of various social issues. They offer background information, topic overviews, and pros and cons pulled from a variety of sources including primary sources, newspapers, TV & radio news transcripts and magazines.