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“America; the Jesuit Review of Faith and Culture” is now available via Flipster.

The University of St. Thomas Libraries are pleased to announce that we recently added America; the Jesuit Review of Faith and Culture to the list of the periodicals the University of St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff may read online via Flipster.

The University of St. Thomas’ students, faculty, and staff may read a number of popular periodicals we make available on this digital newsstand, which may be accessed anytime on computers or mobile devices. Periodicals in Flipster have true-to-life layouts with all the full-color images and advertisements one finds in the print version of the same periodical.

Suggested reading: “A Christian Funeral Classic” by Colleen Dulle, in the January 8, 2018, issue of America. The article tells of the work of the University of St. Thomas’ Artist in Residence, Fr. Michael Joncas, whose hymn, “On Eagle’s Wings” achieved global popularity 38 years ago.

Fr. Michael Joncas, Theology Department, October 2004, Classroom images

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Database Trials: Two SAGE Video Collections

The Libraries are trialing two SAGE video collections through the month of February, SAGE Research Methods Video and SAGE Video Counseling & Psychotherapy Collection. The Research Methods videos explain the nuances of conducting various research methodologies, while the Counseling & Psychotherapy videos show a broad range of interviews, tutorials, and demonstrations within the field of counseling psychology. Overview videos and further details are available for SAGE Research Methods Video and SAGE Video Counseling & Psychotherapy Collection.

SAGE Research Methods Video is an add-on collection of almost 500 videos that complements the book and journal content that the library already subscribes to in the SAGE Research Methods Online database.  These videos provide a new way to engage with research methods content from the respected publisher.

A sample search results screen from Sage Research Methods Video

SAGE Video Counseling & Psychotherapy Collection is a set of 130+ hours of video aimed at students and practitioners of counseling psychology.  While there are some overlap areas with the libraries’ other psychology video databases, this collection does provide some unique content, including videos about working with aging populations.

A sample search results screen from Sage Video Counseling & Psychotherapy Collection

Please try out either or both of the video collections and fill out this short feedback form.

Thank you!

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National Film Board of Canada Films

Though only a few hundred miles to the north of St. Paul, Canadian film and animation offer a unique perspective that is daring and innovative, with global impact. Of the many streaming services available from the Music & Media Collections at OSF Library, the extensive collection of animations, documentaries, shorts, experimental works, and feature-length films found on the National Film Board of Canada database is a great source for an international perspective with films in both French and English.National Film Board of Canada features over 3,000 pieces to peak viewers interest in a variety of subjects: the environment, human rights, indigenous peoples, international conflict, the arts, and many more. Discover new releases, old favorites, and classic Canadian films with works by Canada’s most talented directors with films for all ages and all interests.

The current National Film Board of Canada subjects featured include World War II, hockey, vignettes, cultural diversity, land claims and rights, and endangered species. These are just some examples of the many forms of media and subject matter found on the NFB website, with topics relevant globally.

By Sophia Wolf

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Database Trial: Statista

The Libraries are trialing a database called Statista through the month of February. Statista contains statistical data, graphics, and reports from many global sources. You can view an overview video and see other tutorials here.

Statista is organized into individual data series, which are then tagged into categories under the “Statistics” tab. Each individual data series displays a graphic, and users can toggle between line chart, bar graph, and data table displays. Graphics and data can be downloaded in .png, .pdf, .xls, and .ppt file formats. Each series includes a brief source citation and link out to a source document. Statista allows users to switch language displays among English, German, Spanish, and French.

The Reports section might be Statista’s richest. These items pull together a series of related statistics in useful ways, often providing PDF and PowerPoint downloads of the entire topical collection. Categories of reports include:

  • Dossiers (topical summaries of issues, e.g. Crime in the U.S., Global Health, Oil and Gasoline Prices, dossiers on major companies, etc.)
  • Industry Reports
  • Country Reports
  • Toplists (Rankings of companies and financial data in Excel reports, e.g. Top 50 Global Car Makes)
  • Outlook Reports (“All essential data on a given market in the digital and consumer goods sector;” e.g. Hot Drinks; eTravel–Online Booking)
  • Surveys
  • Market Studies

The Libraries have other sources of statistical data like Statistical Abstract of the United States, Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, and Simply Analytics. Users may find Statista’s user interface simple and attractive, and it’s emphasis on attractive graphics and grouping together related statistics useful, as well as its extensive commercial data. Many of the statistics provided are single-year or for a small span of years. While some time series are provided, I wouldn’t consider it a strength.

Please try out the database and send comments to John Heintz,, 651-962-4646.

Sample graphic from Statista

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Films from the National Film Board of Canada: Fast Facts

Name: National Film Board of Canada
Numbers: over 3,000 works currently available for streaming
Types of Media: animations, documentaries, shorts, experimental works, feature-length films, independent films, interactive digital content
Featured Subjects:  the environment, human rights, indigenous peoples, education, politics, literature, music, international conflict, the arts, and many more
Award-Winning: NFB has produced over 13,000 works and won over 5,000 awards, including 17 Webbys, 18 Canadian Screen Awards, 12 Oscars, and more than 90 Genies
About Production: NFB works with filmmakers and digital creators from every region of Canada, with Indigenous communities, and with partners from around the globe
Languages: videos and interactive media are available in English & French
How to Access It: National Film Board of Canada or through the Music & Media Collections page on the UST website
Why You Should Check It Out!  National Film Board of Canada features many different forms of interactive or viewing media and offers a unique perspective with global impact. The film producer and distributor tackles topics and features content with greater reaching topics than the country of Canada.

By Sophia Wolf

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Database trial: Simmons Local Consumer Insights

We now have a trial for Simmons Local Consumer Insights, as an addition to our Simmons OneView subscription (we are limited to 5 simultaneous users.) Simmons OneView provides data on adult U.S. consumers based on national surveys, and covers a wide variety of products, brands, and services. (There’s more information on how to use Simmons OneView on our Simmons OneView library guide.)

The Local Consumer Insights lets you view this information for all of the U.S.’s 209 Nielsen media markets, or DMAs (we are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul DMA.) Once you’ve logged in, to get the local data, click on the Study tab, then choose the area/DMA that you want.

Simmons Local Consumer Insights

Wondering about local pizza chain preferences? Let’s compare Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

Simmons Local Domino’s & Pizza Hut

This trial runs through November 17, 2017. Please send your comments on this resource to Marianne Hageman.

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October database trial: Mintel

We now have a trial for Mintel Reports (click on the link for Mintel Academic.) It’s a collection of full-text market research reports covering U. S. consumer markets. Market data includes size, segmentation, and forecasts. Sectors covered include automotive, beauty, clothing and footwear, drink, financial services, food, foodservice, health and wellness, home, household care, leisure and entertainment, lifestyles, personal care, retail, technology, and travel.

This trial runs through October 14, 2017. Please send your comments on this resource to Marianne Hageman.

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Technical Difficulties (off campus only) – APA PsycNET




PsycNET and all of it’s associated databases (PsycINFO, PsycBOOKS, PsycTESTS, and PsycARTICLES) changed their interface on Monday, July 17. Since that time, these resources have not been available for access from off campus. This is a problem being widely experienced across universities, and APA is actively working on a solution.

During this time, the resources ARE accessible on campus, but if you need an alternative database to use from home, check out these helpful research guides for undergraduate psychology research or graduate psychology research.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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Happy summer!!!

By Liz Legatt

As everyone departs from campus and begins their summer jobs, classes, and vacations, don’t forget that the Music & Media Collections is still capable of meeting your needs from home! Because of our continuously updated streaming services, members of the St. Thomas community have access to thousands of films and music through our databases.

If you find yourself in need of a film for class or simply have some free time on your hands, you can find our Online Video and Music Sources right through the St. Thomas Libraries website. And if you still need to come in to the Music & Media Collections for face-to-face help, effective May 22nd our hours will be changed as follows:

Music and Media Collections Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday: 8am to 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed