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The Skeleton Dance

One of my seasonal favorites, as we prepare for Halloween: The Skeleton Dance.

“As we hear the chimes at midnight and bats flutter from a belfry; as a hound howls at the full moon and black cats brawl on the tombstones; Through the gloom, white skeletons pass, Running and leaping in their shrouds!” (Walt Disney Animation Studios).

The Skeleton Dance

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Research Online Usage Report

Here is the latest usage report for UST Research Online, the university’s online scholarly research repository.

Monthly Readership Totals:
Last month, UST Research Online had 11249 full-text downloads and 23 new submissions were posted, bringing the total works in the repository to 1566.
University of St. Thomas, Minnesota scholarship was read by 1534 institutions across 146 countries.

The most popular papers were:
A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Elementary Principals Involved in Dual-Career Relationships with Children (537 downloads)

Factors Influencing Student Placement Decisions in Elementary School Assignments (500 downloads)

The sky’s the limit: An activity for teaching project management: an experiential learning activity (347 downloads)

The most popular publications were:
University of St. Thomas Law Journal (3614 downloads)

Education Doctoral Dissertations in Leadership (2233 downloads)

Professional Psychology Doctoral Projects (1562 downloads)


See the Dashboard for user maps, institution & country download counts, referrers, etc.

USTRO download map

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New Libraries website launches

You may have noticed by now that our new Libraries website launched last night. We’ve moved our web content into a template that incorporates the University’s new web styles.  The look and feel is quite different, but the structure of the site is largely the same, so most of the features you’re used to seeing are roughly in the same place.

We now move on to “reskinning” many of the associated web applications you’ve likely used in the past: Research & Course Guides, the Get It and Journals A-Z pages, EZ Proxy login, Interlibrary Loan, and some others.  This will take a few days, and you may notice some minor hiccups as the systems are changed. If you run into difficulties getting pages to appear or function properly, try the following:

  • refresh your browser window
  • wait a few minutes and try again
  • contact us via Ask A Librarian

Sorry in advance for any inconvenience you may experience during this transition period. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 2-5018 or

John Heintz
Associate Director for Digital Initiatives

Website image

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Oxford Online Products Down

OxfordWe’ve just been notified that all of our Oxford University Press databases are out of commission for the time being.

Their tech support reports:
“We apologize for the error.
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our sites.
We ask that you please try again later and we will update you as soon as we have been told that the error is corrected.


Customer Support – Online Products
Oxford University Press”

We’ll post an “all clear” message when we can.

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Group Study Room Bookings now require user confirmation

Effective 5/11/2015, users of our group study rooms must confirm their online reservation within 30 minutes by clicking on a link on the confirmation email you will receive after submitting the booking request.  Only valid UST email addresses will receive the confirmation emails.

We’re taking this additional step to deal with certain abuses of the system and to ensure a fair distribution of the available group study spaces.

If you have questions, feel free to contact John Heintz via email or at 651-962-5018.

Group study booking form


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UST Authors Shine Nationally via UST Research Online

Did you know that UST has an institutional repository where faculty and student research is showcased?  Did you know that the papers displayed there are highly discoverable online and are being viewed by scholars across the country?

I was just notified that our content is among the most popular in the country in the Digital Commons Network, which contains over a million works from 358 institutions.  Digital Commons is the vendor that hosts our repository, UST Research Online.  At last count, we have 1,016 papers available, which have been downloaded over a quarter of a million times, 134,797 in the last year alone.  This content is aggregated into the national Digital Commons Network, who aggregate the papers into common disciplinary combinations based on the content, which helps researchers discover new content and new scholars.

Disciplines where our researchers shined in September 2014 included:

Congratulations to all of our authors for this impressive performance!  If you go to either the Digital Commons Network or UST Research Online, you can use the discipline wheel (pictured below) to explore the content, or search and browse using other tools.

I’d be remiss in not recognizing the efforts of my recently retired colleague, Linda Hulbert, who was the brainchild and primary architect of conceiving our repository and working with the departments to get content loaded.

If you have any questions about the repository, please let me know.  (John Heintz,, 2-5018).

Digital Commons Network

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Summon 2.0 debuts!

We’re excited to announce a new version of our library content search engine! Dubbed Summon 2.0, it’s the newest version of the default search we’ve had on the library home page for the last several years.

Features of the new version include:

  • a three-pane layout, with search results in the center, search refinement facet options on the left, and featured content or summary information on individual results when you hover over them
  • a more modern display: visually pleasing, clustering of content types like images and news articles to better organize results, plus continuous scrolling (no more next page, next page, next page, etc.)
  • search suggestions,  plus automatic expansion of queries to get all versions of the key terms in the search
  • a new “Discipline” facet to filter results: may be useful for when the prof says “I only want you to use articles from psychology journals”
  • responsive, mobile-friendly design

Note also that the display now includes a CLIC consortium view of holdings, so you’ll see availability information on books and other CLIC items right in the results display–hit the “More” link if displayed to see all versions of the item.  You can use the main search to discover catalog items in line with journal articles and other content, or you can use the “CLICnet Catalog” facet in the left pane to limit to that content.

There’s a screenshot below of the new results screen. Please check out Summon 2.0 at your convenience, and ask your librarian for more tips.

 Summon 2.0